If You Didn't Like Last Night- You Don't Like NBA Basketball

There was an announcer that used the line "If You Didn't Like That You Don't Like NBA Basketball". Well if that line every applied more to anything it is the Bulls vs Celtics series. I admit that I could care less about the Celtics or the Bulls. That being said the games and the battles they are having have been unreal. Another instant classic last night as the two battled in a triple overtime thriller. It was just as exciting as the 6 OT game between Syracuse and UConn and the way it was going it looked like it could go 6 OT's. Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose have been both very special in this series.

If that was not enough for you. The Magic with no Howard who was suspended and Courtney Lee who was injured(By Howard) took on the Sixers and won in a blowout. At this time I would like to say sorry to Marcin Gortat. I joked around yesterday and said that he could not get it done. I doubted the new Polish Power for the Y2K. He had I think was 11 and 10 and that is about half of an average Dwight night in the playoffs. So the Magic move on and will get the team that survives Game 7 between that Bulls and Celtics. The Magic have not performed at a high level in round 1. Could the fact that the Bulls and Celtics are taking everything the other has to offer end up benefiting the Magic? Just a thought.

Ray Allen is getting it done when it matters the most for Celtics and is a big part of why this series has been as much a classic as it is becoming. Also it makes me laugh that there was talk earlier in the year if Vinny Del Negro was going to last as coach of the Bulls. I think win or lose in Game 7 it is safe to say that Vinny will have a job next year. That being said I am stunned the Michael Curry is going to remain as coach of the Pistons who went out in flames to the Cavs that will wait to get the winner of Hawks and Heat series. It is crazy to think that Curry keeps his job after the season the Pistons have had. I am much more willing to give Jay Triano a chance than I would be Michael Curry. It is not that I have been a supporter of the Triano return. I have not been. But Curry clearly was part of the problem in Detroit. However Joe Dumars was the guy that but him in that situation by trading Billups for Iverson. While Billups plays on with the Nuggets as they destroyed the Hornets. Allen Iverson was MIA for the playoffs. That was not Curry that was on Dumars. Still Curry just never looked like he had control or the respect of his team and that seemed clear to me. Triano for what it is worth had the respect of the Raptors and the endorsement of the star play. I think if you took a straw poll in the Pistons Locker Room I am pretty sure Curry is voted off the island so to speak.

Despite all of this excitement that has been going on the end of the story remains the same for me. It seems clear that we are heading towards a Kobe vs Lebron Final. That as far as hype will be an epic battle. That being said the Bulls and Celtics have put on a show that will be hard to top. Can Game 7 be as exciting as the first 6? Last year the Hawks pushed the Celtics to 7. The Game 7 ended up being a real stinker with the dirty birds getting destroyed. I do not think the Bulls will meet that same fate as the Hawks. They may not win but they will show up.

Fans of basketball have been rewarded with a lot of excitement in this year's NBA Playoffs. There has been a really nasty edge to some of it as well. I have liked that. NBA needs to let them play. The talk of guys getting suspended and being not in games like Howard last night and the whole mess with the Suns and Spurs a few years ago in my opinion takes away from things. The NHL finds ways to bend he rules to fit what makes sense. Why not do the same in the NBA. Unless it is something that is truly awful I say let them play. Rajon Rondo does not play in game 7 based on tossing Hinrich into a score table it will be fans that lose. Not just Celtic fans but all fans. Back in the 80's go watch some classic games and you will see lots worse things happen to players and I don't recall anyone being suspended. We become to hyper sensitive in the sports world today. If I sound like Charles Oakley so be it. The stars of basketball in the 80 and 90's must chuckle at what gets considered a big deal now a days. That reminds me Pros vs Joes is starting again soon what NBA oldschoolers will be on the show. Ex-Raptors Kevin Willis and Charles Oakley have been on the show. There are a few other I likely have forgotten. There is no better way to kill an hour than watch an episode of Pros vs Joes.


  1. Its just stupid now that the playoff and rivalry physical contact is being policed and reffed so badly. It all started since Robert Horry snuffed Nash, and the rulings became so corrupt since then.

  2. Not sure if corrupt is the right word controversial no question and back in the 80's none of these things would draw a suspension.