Playoffs, Raptors And A Good Cause

I have mentioned him in the blog on many occasions but this is the first time I have had him as a guest. Scott Carefoot who writes Raptor Blog, and is the person that offered me a chance to team up with The Score, is our guest today. He has stopped by to talk about the NBA Playoffs, NBA Draft and the Raptors of course. But there was also another reason I invited Scott to come talk with me. Over to the right you may have notice the Team Maxwell link. Scott has a 3 year old son who has been diagnosed with Autism. Scott and his wife are taking part in a charity event to raise funds to help find a cure for this and help all the children that have this affliction. I do not have any kids of my own but have always loved kids and anything that helps children is something I am willing to support. So I hope you enjoy are conversation about basketball and at the end of that Scott talks about what he is doing to help find a cure for Autism. After hearing the interview or even if you do not and want to help please click on the link on the right and help out if you are able to do so.

So I hope you enjoyed that. It took a good cause to get me to get Scott to come talk ball with us here at the Dino Nation Blog. However he is a smart guy and has done this longer than anyone out there. Raptor Blog has been around longer than any blog out there. It is pretty much the first ever blog on the net covering the Raptors. I personally think that is something to be respected for. I have the chance to interact with Scott quite a lot and respect his opinions on basketball and the Raps. I may not always agree but I respect his views. So bottom line is this is something we will do again.

So anything people can do to help please do, it is for a good cause.

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