Jealous Of Magic Fans

I have to admit I am green like Kermit the frog when it comes to Magic fans. As a Raptors fan long out of the Playoffs to see what that team is doing gets me excited and makes me wish I was in their shoes. I see a lot of the same things in the Magic like the Raptors. Well other than Chris Bosh is not going to win a pose down with Dwight Howard ever in life. But The Magic are not your traditional basketball team. They use the 3 ball as a weapon not unlike the Raptors have. Last night the Magic were nailing 3's and a former Raptor was going nuts in Rafer Alston. The 2 time Ex-Raptor had perhaps his best game of his professional basketball career. I admit I have not seen much of his and 1 antics as "Skip to my Lou", if I had I may say the best game of his life.

But if you take this further, the Magic like the Raptors are often not given respect and they go under the radar for the majority of the time. Even in the Playoffs in the first round they get reduced to games on NBA-TV and do not land on the major networks in the states. Not to disrespect NBA-TV, I do like a lot of what they do. Magic may have turned a corner last night. The Magic were pushed to Overtime and they would outlast the Cavs and do it in impressive fashion. Dwight Howard played big down the stretch and I am sure that Chris Bosh who is one of his buddies was both happy for Dwight and a bit sad that he is out of the playoffs mix.

I have mentioned a couple times that I actually picked a Lakers and Magic final at the start of the season. I went back in the DIno Nation Blog archives on the old site and found it. You will notice as someone on Twitter did that I had a lot of stuff wrong. Heck I even picked the Raptors to beat the Cavs in the first round in a 4 vs 5 match-up. Greg Oden was my Rookie of the Year. There is lots of other fun stuff. Here is the link to see the proof that I did call Lakers and Magic.

From The Dino Archives

It is so hard to predict an NBA season before it happens. It takes a little dumb luck to get it right. But the reasons I went with the Magic was that I felt Dwight Howard off a less than impressive run with team U.S.A would be motivated. Jameer Nelson (Who rumours fly could be ready to play in the finals) was ready to take his game to a new level after he had a solid performance against T.J Ford and Jose Calderon in last year's playoffs. I like the supporting cast of Hedo Lewis and thought Pietrus was a good pick up. I had no clue how good Courtney Lee would become. He was a bonus. I know a Magic fan that use to tell me about this Gortat guy and that he was going to be pretty good. Well he has been a solid back-up for Dwight. In addition to all of that I am a huge fan of Stan Van Gundy as a coach. Magic fans should send the wife of Billy Donnovan the coach of the Gators a Christmas card saying thank you every season Van Gundy is coach. If not for her influence the Magic could have Billy as the coach and may never be on the verge of a return to the finals.

So maybe I am jealous and maybe I am just hopeless for the Raptors future. However for whatever reason I say Go Magic Go.

I want to make mention of something I added to the site yesterday afternoon. You will notice off to the right a banner that says... support Team Maxwell. Scott Carefoot who writes Raptor Blog is doing something to raise funds for Autism. His son Max deals with this as does Scott and his family. I am going to have Scott by to talk some basketball something that we have never done in the Dino Nation Blog but also to explain what he is doing to help find a cure for Autism. But you do not have to wait till than to support the cause. Go click on the link to show your support if you can afford to do so.

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