Jay Triano is In

Perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in the history of the Raptors. Jay Triano is now officially the head coach of the Toronto Raptors. Fan 590's Eric Smith reports that Triano has been signed to a 3 year deal with the Raptors. The hints and suggestions have been going on for months. It had been one of those stories where it was just a matter of it being made official and today it has.

I have always had very mixed emotions about this but for good or bad Jay Triano is now the man. The first of many big things that need to be decided for the Raptors in this upcoming off-season. No word on the fate of the rest of the coaching staff I am sure that news will be coming as well. Mark Ivaroni is a guy that has also been rumoured to come in as the lead assistant to Triano but as far as I know that has yet to be confirmed.

Raptors will now look to the ping pong balls to decide the fate of their draft pick on May 19th. That is just 8 days away.


  1. I'm guessing there was nobody out there. Not overjoyed having Triano as the head. Nothing against the man, there's just something that doesn't instill confidence when I see him on the sidelines.
    How are things James?

  2. Eddie Jordan is a name out there I would have liked to see. I am doing o.k doing my thing or trying to anyway.