Round Ball Review Has Someone New

Hello all in this episode of the Round Ball Review. J.B is joinned by the Round Ball Review's summer intern Dexter Mills.Dexter will be filling in from time to time for both J.B and Joey G. Hopefully he will fit in and add to the fun that is the Round Ball Review.

So hope you enjoyed this episode of the show and you can join me for the NBA Lottery 7 days from today on May 19th at 7pm.


  1. Dude...that was friggen awesome

  2. Thanks I enjoy the Round Ball Review it is one of the things I have a lot of fun doing and I am always glad to hear people enjoy it.

  3. Good job James.

    I'm not so sure why you're so in love with Eddie Jordan though.

    Any thoughts on who the Raps like if they pick 9th?

  4. I just respect what Jordan did under less than ideal circumstances a lot of the time in Washington. It is nice to think that all will go well and a team will stay healthy but that can be risky as last season proved. Jordan took Wizards teams that had lost it's key players and still got wins and got to the playoffs.

    I also think he has a good style of game and would make a great coach. If he can get the Kings to be a 30 win team that would be miracle.

    As for the 9th pick I will save that for after the ping pong balls and how that shakes out. Paul Jones and Jack Armstrong have agreed to come by and talk draft after that as well.

    Be sure to join the Dino Nation Blog for the draft Lottery Live Blog on May 19th at 7pm.

    Thanks for the comments and glad people enjoy the round ball review.