Things I Need To Re-Gain Some Faith In Raptors

Well that interview for yesterday had to be re-scheduled. It happens. I have the people back on my roof banging again as well. To top it off the last Friday of the month means fire alarm testing. So I am a really happy camper today. I thought maybe I will just do a list of things that I need to get some faith back in the Raptors. Some might be serious, Some might be funny, Anyway here is the list such as it is. They are in no order.

Draft two players that can play in the rotation

Bring in a coaching staff that can help change the culture of this team

Be it Draft, Free Agent...Back-up point guard now.

Sign a guy that can impact on the wing. Ariza, Artest at the top of my wish list

Have someone explain to me how this team is better without Chris Bosh or have Bosh call and tell me he is staying.

6 no 12 no 24 beers.

Have the Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors swap rosters?

Steve Nash

The reality of things is I am getting cranky waiting for answers. Even though not a lot of people agree with me I still say that a move that brings Steve Nash to Toronto is the best one. Hardcore basketball folks can debate the merits of it works on the floor. But for the casual basketball fan this would make them take notice of the Raptors perhaps in a way like they never have before. Steve Nash I think still has a few basketball years left in him. If the Raptors drafted a Ty Lawson or a Jonny Flynn how good could they be made by a Steve Nash as a mentor? I would venture to say that the answer is very good. There is all of this talk that sports is a business and if that is true Steve Nash is a great business move for MLSE. Let's face facts if Steve Nash comes here the Raptors will sell jerseys. I don't have numbers in front of me but just in looking around you see Nash jerseys at almost any basketball event you would choose to go to in this country. Jose Calderon will never be the draw that a Steve Nash is in Canada. I just think it is a risk worth taking. I have expressed it many times and remain convinced this a move that would help the Raptors. No idea if Bryan Colangelo agrees but the one thing is clear he has a lot of people to convince this off-season.


  1. Just wondering?

    If Raps draft 2 players that play in the rotation - I guess you're happy with a 50 loss season? I'm not!

    If you mean staff, I concur. If you mean Jay? Jay is the first coach in years who the Raps have had who could call an in bounds play and not have blow up when it mattered.

    Yah, it'd be nice to get a quality back up PG. Any ideas?

    Wing player, personally I like Linas Kleiza. The guy can board and defend, good shot - potential scorer with minutes and has no hope of ever being more than distant back-up behind Melo (Nugs would not go over the cap to keep him either) I like veterans - just not too many 30+ year olds unless they are cheap! Isn't AP enough?

    If Bosh costs 20mil per season to keep - that knee really worries me. If that brace gets any bigger - he won't be able move! Watching Bosh play on a bad knee most of last season reminded me of Chris Webber - Bosh could still get his 20 points, but he couldn't defend ANYONE - every PF looked like an all-star playing against him. Please tell me that knee is getting better - not the same or worse (probably won't believe you)
    If the Raps could get an 18 point/game wing player and a 10/10 and 1.5 block big man who can defend - they might actually be better off. But what does anyone actually know about CB4 long term health - if that knee is sound, he'd be really hard to replace.

    I don't believe the team would be better with a 36 year old Nash BUT the building would be full and TV ratings would explode - probably a great long term move to build the fan base.

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  2. Hometown comment. Very nice.

    I think I can find 2 guys in this draft that are better than who was in the rotation last year. Look what Miami did with Beasley and Chalmers. So not 50 losses if you do that.

    I do. Not sold on Jay so I need to have confidence in the staff he builds.

    in a prior blog I suggested the Raps get a combo in the draft like a Jonny Flynn and or Lawson with a Sam Young. If you wanted to flip the script how bout Gerald Henderson and Pat Mills?

    Klezia is a Raptor type guy. It will be interesting to see what goes down. But if you can get a guy on an upswing like Ariza that would be great. I think he is really hitting his stride. Artest would be a guy that would shake this team up and they need a guy that can do that.

    Bosh had a fairly healthy season. I just think there is no way you make a deal that makes the Raps better. The best you could hope for is trading you 2010 problem for some other teams. Joe Johnson is a name I hear fans mention. I like CB far more than him. I admit I like Chris and want to find a way that he stays.

    Yup Nash coming is part marketing move and part basketball move. The key to it is drafting that young point guard as well. Nash works with him and Ukic and helps build his eventual replacement.

    Thanks so much for the comments and it is nice to know some home town folks are checking me out. Go Raps and Go Cats Go...That won't make me popular with the Argo/Rap Fans...LOL