Matt Devlin Talking Raptors (Part 2 of 2)

Matt Devlin chatted with the Dino Nation Blog on Friday. We had a great conversation going on some NBA topics but in having Matt visit we needed to talk some Raptor ball as well with him. His take on the new coach Jay Triano, Chris Bosh and the outlook for his Future, Jose and others playing internationally and we even have some fun trying to convince Matt to hop on Twitter with the rest of the world. Matt took some much time talking to us he had to bail at the end to pick up the kids as school. He always really generous with his time and I on behalf of Dino Nation Blog and thankful for that. So here is our talk on the Raps enjoy.

So Thanks again to Matt for his time and we will check in with him through the summer months as this Raptor roster begins to take shape for the 09/10 season.


  1. i'm so glad devlin is here. listening to chuck was like be doused in urine. devlin is a huge relif because swirsk was making me embarrassed to watch raptor games

  2. I like both guys. Chuck is a good man as well. They are very different styles of broadcasters. Some will like one or the other. But I think this comment is going to the extreme. It is fine to just say I do not like someone and leave it at that with out that visual. The way the Raps have played this past season was not good regardless of who was calling the games.