10 Random Thoughts Post Camp

Going to do some more in depth stuff for next week. However as I sit here still pretty blown away at the entire experience here are 10 things that pop in to my tried brain based on what I saw in Ottawa.

1. CB4 will be fine. Not that he was playing or anything but it is clear that he is going to be better by the looks of things maybe sooner rather than later. Not that I am a doctor or anything.

2 REGGIE, REGGIE!!! Not just the fact that I did talk with the guy, but in a scrimmage he was playing aggressive and is a force. This guy is going to have an impact in a very positive way.

3. JACK has brought defense back to the PG spot in T.O.

4. Demar DeRozan can jump out of any gym and make it look effortless.

5. Fans with a lot of passion...great to see

6. Marco...3-Ball...Marco 3 Ball. You will here that a lot Parkerville court has a new owner from Italy.

7. Bargnani has true flashes of brilliance

8. Everyone to a man seems loose and confident on this Raptor team.

9. Not perfect or anything but the Defense is already an improvement from last year.

10. This team is going to run....and when they are done run some more.

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  1. Lets all hope this comes true through out the year