The Starting 5 With Jack Armstrong

Today is the birthday of legendary coach John Wooden who coach UCLA to many championships. He is 99 years old today. So happy birthday to coach Wooden. Jack Armstrong is a long way from 99 but is a coach that Raptor fans love and learn from. Jack points out there is a big difference in the wins and losses between the two. However both are loved by fans of basketball and we love to have Jack visit. We talk about a number of topics. Jack gives his thoughts on Chris Bosh entering a huge season for him. We talk about Jose Calderon and if he has to look over his shoulder if his defense does not improve? The star of the pre-season Sonny Weems and what he means to this basketball team. Also talk about Demar Derozan, Jarrett Jack, Reggie Evans, Hedo Turkoglu and a number of others. It is as always a great conversation that you hopeful can learn a lot from. I personally always enjoy listening to Jack's opinions and knowledge of the game of basketball. He is always a very humble individual. But the truth is he has done a lot to help a lot of fans know more about this great game of basketball in his coverage of the Toronto Raptors over the years. It is always true pleasure to have a chance to talk with him and it never gets old for me.

Hope you enjoyed that, working on getting some other interviews set up as well so stay tuned. Also make sure you check Jack and Eric Smith out on The Game Plan on the Fan 590 2-4 Monday to Friday as I do as often as possible. Which for me is 95% of the time. You can shout at the Game Plan on Twitter between those hours at Eric Smith's Twitter account with is @Eric__Smith and maybe you can join the list that started with me and be the 2:25 Tweet of the Day. Thanks to Jack as always and I am already looking forward to the next time we have him back on the Dino Nation Blog's Starting 5.

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