Awards Predictions

O.K at the 11 hour the DNB gets it's picks on the NBA Awards. Welcome to a brand new NBA season. Here we go with our awards predictions.

6th Man- Rasheed Wallace (Boston) He seems like a safe bet to win the award on a Boston team that should be on a mission all year long. Kendrick Perkins remains the starter and that will allow Wallace to qualify for this award. What would DQ him is if he goes off and gets more techs and misses games as a result. If I had faith Manu could stay healthy he would be a contender for this award. Lamar Odom from the Lakers as well in the mix. If you want a Raptor name I will give you a couple. Jack and Belinelli given the rolls they will have if the Raptors were more successful than anyone could imagine they might get consideration.

Rookie Of The Year- Jonny Flynn (Minnesota) While everyone else pick Blake Griffin (By the way could be out 6 weeks not joking) I will go with Jonny Flynn. I think he will deliver on a team where he will get all the minutes he can handle. Why not Blake? When is the last time a Clipper won anything? I still believe Griffin is not as good as everyone thinks and not winning this award will be the first sign of that. Toronto has a serious contender for this award in Demar DeRozan if he starts as expected he should have the chance to shine. James Harden is also a name worth considering in you ROY talk. Maybe even a Brandon Jennings may have a shot. But I think Flynn is the guy. I see a path to the award much like the one Damon Stoudamire took as a Raptor.

Defensive Player Of The Year- Lebron James (Cleveland) With the security of Big Shaq behind him Lebron will be making steals and blocks and is going to fly off in transition and throw down dunks at an alarming rate. Lebron James is on a mission and you only need to look to the end of last season as to why. Dwight Howard and Ron Artest re-born in L.A will also be contenders to this crown. But the King is the thing and the man to get it done.

Most improved Player- Anthony Randolph (Golden State) This kid is ready to explode and I think will have a breakout year on the Warriors despite all the drama there. Want a couple other names? Roy Hibbert and Gilbert Arenas. Hibbert is going to be a beast for the Pacers and if Gilbert can just play 82 games reguardless of production is he not the most improved Wizard?

Coach of the Year- Scott Brooks ( Oklahoma City) No this is not a joke. If you read my season preview yesterday you know I picked the Thunder to squeeze in the playoffs in the West. So if that happpens how can Brooks not be a huge contender for this award? Right or wrong this award in recent past has seemed to go to the coach that has had his team improve the most. That leaves Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers and others on the sidelines. If Jackson can keep Ron Artest sane and get the Lakers back to top spot in the West that deserves an award.

M.V.P- Lebron James (Cleveland) The King will make it back to back M.V.P awards and add a couple other awards after the season as well. Other contenders for the King's Crown are the usual suspects. Kobe and D-12 at the top of the list. Chris Bosh will not come out and say he wants to be the M.V.P this year. He could be an extreme dark horse if both he and the Raptors stunned the NBA. Also throw Kevin Durant in the mix as a more realistic dark horse.

That is it for now. I may have a couple guests today and depending on how all that goes some interviews for your enjoyment. Who is coming...wait and see. But it all get's started tonight with 4 games on the sked...SO LET'S GET OUR NBA ON PEOPLE!!!

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