Reggie Evans Injury Update.

Reggie Evans left last night's game vs Boston and did not return. The Raptors released a statement that Evans has suffered a mild left foot sprain. There is no timetable for his return at the this time but it is likely he may miss the remainder of the pre-season. In the pre-season Reggie had averaged 7.2 points and had 4.8 rebounds. So it looks like the Raptors will be going without Reggie the rest of the way (Starting tonight with Rockets at ACC) until at the earliest the 28th when they open with the Cavs at the ACC.

Let's hope Reggie can make a speedy recovery as he really was having a positive impact in his play in the first few games of the pre-season.


  1. I second that...hell I even third that.

  2. It's Feb. 03 and the Raps are playing the New Jersey Nets who are 4-43 at the ACC tonight and Reggie is still on the bench. This dude has been out half a year with a sprained ankle?? Jesus trade him for Christ's sake.