Let's NBA With Andre Aldridge From NBA-TV

It is a great thrill for the Dino Nation Blog talk with Andre Aldridge from NBA-TV about the upcoming NBA season. We talk a little on the Raps and Demar DeRozan is a former Trojan as is Andre Aldridge so he talks about his fellow Trojan. We also talk about all of the top contenders in the NBA. We talk about former Raptor V.C teaming up with Superman in Orlando, Shaq and Lebron in Cleveland and Rasheed Wallace with the Celtics. In addition the Ron Artest joining up with the Lakers. How about OKC and Kevin Durant? They get some mention as well. If you are not already following Andre on Twitter you are missing out....@NBATVAndre is a must follow for anyone on Twitter. It was great for Andre to make time for us just prior to going to air for the first night of NBA action on NBA TV. Up here north of the border you can often catch his fine work on Raptors NBA TV. We hope to have Andre back as a guest going forward giving us some insight from the U.S point of view and his own.

Thanks to the people at Turner Sports for helping set this up and to Andre for taking the time to talk with us here at the Dino Nation Blog. It is a great to have someone who has covered the NBA for so long as a guest here with us on the Dino Nation Blog.


  1. Loved the interview Mr Dino. Its refreshing to hear Andre supports the old school guys. I totally agree with him.

  2. Thanks Moe. I am James...Mr Dino was my dad? No that is not right. Anyway Andre is great. Next time I have him on will have some more Old School Ball talk.