Thursday DNB Grab Bag

So the NBA Season is fast approaching and I still have yet to make my fearless predictions for the season. I will don't worry. I think it is required by some obscure law that if you right a blog or cover a team in anyway you must make them. Maybe I am holding out to finally see the debut of Antonie Wright. Well seeing might have been the wrong term. For the second time this preseason the Raps will take on the T-Wolves and to the best of my knowledge again it will not be broadcast. This will hopefully be the last time I have to say that this year.

I would say the number of times Patrick O'Bryant has been mentioned in this blog are few and far between. It is not that he is disliked or not appreciated. Just never someone that makes it into the topics of conversation. But there is good reasons to mention him today. He is trying to increase his Twitter followers. I know who isn't right? However if POB hits 2000 he is going to give away tickets to the Raps Home Opener. Not only that both POB and some fellow Blogger's, Scott from AltRaps @altraps and Nat from Heels on Hardwood @nat77 along with @Liston loyal raps fan, are all giving cash the Raptors Foundation as well. There may be others doing this but those were the ones I knew about. I would consider doing it to but I am flat broke from paying my way to Ottawa at the start of the month. The Charity part is if he reaches 2500 by Halloween but avoid the rush and follow the guy today. For about 1 minute or 2 out of your life you can help people out. So here is the link to POB on Twitter. Raptors Foundation for the most part does a lot of work with charities for kids. POB currently sits at about 1300 hundred and change as this is being written about half way to the goal.

No charity in this. But it will be fun and that is our ESPN Keeper Draft. Ironically all of those folks with the exception of Patrick O'Bryant are taking part in this league. We have 8 or 9 spots open for the draft tomorrow at 6:30 pm. So if you want in you need to send me an e-mail marked ESPN DRAFT INVITE to me @ Dinoblogger@gmail.com . It is first come first serve so don't wait to do it. I need to have the draft all full by an hour prior for it to happen. So if you are in are PASPN League or Yahoo League you are welcome to join. If you are not in those leagues this is YOUR LAST CHANCE to get in a DNB Fantasy league.

You may have heard last week the Leafs played dodge ball at practice last week. Well this week the Raptors went bowling. It was done as one of those team bonding things and happy to report it appears no one dropped a ball on their foot. It does seem that everyone had a good time with it though as the Raptors were not aware that they were going to be doing this. They showed up for practice and found out they were going bowling. I don't think any of them will be leaving the NBA for the PBA ( Professional Bowlers Association) any time soon but least the guys had some fun. Let's just hope they get off to a better start than the guys playing dodge ball who have still yet to win a game. I would bet the Raps have a win before they do. The Leafs were talking about being a playoff team which was a joke in my view. The Raptors talk of playoffs is a much more realistic one.

I am going to be doing some additional radio stuff this coming Monday. Going to be on Jacked In with Jessica out in B.C. I have appeared on the show a number of times and I will hit you up Monday with all the info as I am going on to talk NBA and Raptors and preview the season. It should be a blast. I will be making my regular visit to Off The Bench show in Montreal on Friday or early Saturday depending on where you live. We are scheduled to preview the Eastern Conference. They have been having some issues with the website for that station but you can try CJLO.com at 12:15am and give me a listen. I am always happy to come on any show or blog as a guest. I have been told I make a decent one. I do not doing weddings or birthdays though. But if you are getting married...Good Luck or if it is you Birthday...Happy Birthday.

This was a historic DNB as it was the first written on my new wireless Internet connection. After 10 months I finally got the stupid thing to work. I am slowly growing in technical ability...REAL SLOWLY. So that is all for today as the Raps continue to prepare for the final pre-season game tomorrow than it all gets going for REAL on the 28th.

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