Not to many people can claim they predicted last year's NBA Final. This blog can proudly say that we called it and said the Lakers would beat the Magic last year prior to the season. I will tell you right out of the gate it is not going to be a Finals Re-Match. So let's start to beak it down.

The Pacific Division

There are very few sure things in life. But the Lakers winning the Pacific Division is one of those things. They basically traded Ariza for Artest and out looking to defend their title. This division may only put one team in the playoffs that is how far ahead of the pack the Lakers. If any other team is going to challenge for the playoffs it will be the Suns. At least they were able to get Nash signed to an extension but the post Bryan Colangelo era with Suns has been a mess. Speaking of mess that leads up to the Clippers and Warriors. Clippers were tied with the Lakers at 6-2 in pre-season. Some say they will challenge for Playoffs. Blake Griffin is not as good as everyone thinks he is and the Clippers are the same. Warriors are a dis-functional mess. To imagine this group some how coming together and getting on the same page is just not possible. Oh and the Kings...Almost forgot about them. I think they are already the front runners for the first pick in the NBA lottery. Evans will be good at some point unless the losing will crush his spirit.

1.L.A Lakers

2. Phoenix Suns

3.L.A Clippers

4. Golden State

5. Sacramento

Northwest Division

An exciting Division is going to get even better this year with a young and improving Oklahoma City team. But the young Thunder are not going to be considered in picking a winner for this Division. The 3 main suspects would be Denver, Portland and Utah. I had picked Denver on OFF The Bench Radio program. But I have been thinking it over. I like the Blazers and Andre Miller is going to help this team. Greg Oden will still be a bust. But hey the Blazers have not needed him to be a big success to be good. Roy and Aldridge both just getting extensions done. I will say Denver is a close second. But here is a little surprise for you. Utah should be 3rd right? Maybe not. OKC if everything goes right for them and wrong for Utah can be 3rd. I am thinking that may just happen. Minnesota has the basement already decked out with some nice furniture. Jonny Flynn will make a push to be rookie of the year but that is about only thing going on for Minny this year.

1. Portland

2. Denver

3. Oklahoma City

4. Utah

5. Minnesota

Southwest Division

Another interesting division where Texas teams dwell. Along with the Hornets from New Orleans and those former Vancouver Grizzlies now calling Memphis home. The Spurs at least on paper seem the class of this division. I am not sure why I think New Orleans will do well. Maybe I am confusing them with the Saints. Mark Cuban thinks Steroids are ok. I suggest his team will need some if he thinks they are going anywhere. Houston has major problems and will have no Yao and no hope. Speaking of NO HOPE that sums up your Memphis Grizzlies even with Allen Iverson who God instructed to go to Memphis and sell basketball tickets.

1. New Orleans

2. San Antonio

3. Dallas

4. Houston

5. Memphis


Here is who is in and who is out:

1. L.A Lakers

2. Portland Trailblazers

3. New Orleans Hornets

4. San Antonio Spurs

5. Denver Nuggets

6. Dallas Mavericks

7. Phoenix Suns

8. Oklahoma City Thunder

I know really OKC? Maybe I am jumping the gun. But in the end the 7 teams below that team in the one spot are window dressing anyway. Here is how it plays out.

Lakers over OKC in 4

Portland over PHX in 6

Hornets over Mavs in 7

Spurs over Denver in 6

Lakers over Spurs in 6

Portland over Hornets in 5

Lakers over Blazers in 5.


Eastern Conference

Central Division

If this division was a horse race you would have the Cavs a big lead, The Bulls would be in second all alone and a pack of 3 teams battling at the back. Cavs have Shaq and Lebron and as Shaq said he is there to win a ring for the king. Well the King was an angry man when he excited the playoffs and I expect that to fuel him all year long. Bulls will be playing to get a home playoff spot and not a division title. The Pacers and Pistons have slim hope of getting in the back end of playoff race. Detroit made some big signings in Charlie V and Ben Gordon but that will not be near enough. Pacers already have injury concerns heading into the year not good. If they were healthy they might be interesting. Bucks are one of those teams with little hope. But they do have a player to start over with in Brandon Jennings.

1. Cleveland

2. Chicago

3. Detroit

4. Indiana

5. Milwaukee


Last year I loved the Orlando Magic they were my pick to win the East last year. This year I am going to pick them to win the Division. While some folks have now all the sudden fallen in love with Magic this year. They got on the ride to late and this year the Magic will not improve and actually take a step backwards. Vince Carter is a horrible fit on this Magic team and he will be camped out jacking 3's more than he ever has before. Vince even going near the paint will be an event in Orlando. But they are still good enough to win the Division. Atlanta slots in at second again. They made a couple tweaks but are not ready to take a step forward. Washington was a sexy pick as a team who improved. But injury bug already is in full effect. Bobcats have Tyson Chandler and are young and up and coming. While the Miami Heat did nothing this off-season and they are going to pay for it.

1. Orlando

2. Atlanta

3. Charlotte

4. Washington

5. Miami

Atlantic Division

Raps and the rest. Just kidding it is Boston and everybody else. Raptors if you don't know what I think about them by now not much more I can say. I really like what I saw from Philly in the Pre-season. The Knicks are a little better but not much. Nets will much like the Raps had to need some time to recover from the Post V.C experience. Celtics are the clear cut favourites in this Division. So much so to see them go 14-2 in the Division would not be so crazy to think. Boston is focused on the Conference and not the division and they should be.

1. Boston

2. Philadelphia

3. Toronto

4. New York

5. New Jersey

I know some will be like is he serious? Yeah I am serious. Sixers have looked good and Raps have yet to look good and have a challenging schedule and will be trying to make up ground the rest of the year.


1. Cleveland

2. Boston

3. Orlando

4. Chicago

5. Atlanta

6. Philadelphia

7. Toronto

8. Charlotte

No Miami, No Washington and No Detroit. That makes my picks likely different from most. But how it plays out likely will be the same at the end.

Cleveland Sweeps Charlotte

Boston in 5 over Toronto

Orlando in 5 over Philadelphia

Chicago in 6 over Atlanta

Cleveland over Chicago in 6

Boston over Orlando in 6

Cleveland over Boston in 5

So it is the Puppet Show Finals a year later than advertised. Kobe, Shaq and Lebron...OH MY!!! So who wins it? Drum Roll PLEASE!!!

.....Cavs over Lakers in 6 to win the NBA Championship.

You all may think I am wrong but just remember a lot of folks did last year and I was not. Although what are the odds I could be right 2 straight years? While I try to figure out the math for that...I will remind you that I will have your Award Winner Picks later tonight or tomorrow. Wish I saw a brighter outlook for the Raptors but I have a hard time seeing them win more than 44 games on the high side. I was very wrong about Raps last year and we can hope that trend continues as well.


  1. Why the lack of belief in the Utah Jazz?

  2. I just think they have had an offseason that has not went according to plan and just think they are due to have a down year.