Starting 5 With Matt Devlin On Pre-Season

It was been just over a year that Matt Devlin has been with the Toronto Raptors. I am happy to say he has been a guest with us here at the Dino Nation Blog almost from day one. I do not keep stats on it but I think Matt is one of our most frequent guests. In our conversation we talk about Sonny Weems and his quick rise in the pre-season. In addition we talk about the development of Raptors first round pick. Demar DeRozan. Some thoughts on Amir Johnson, Marco Belinelli, Reggie Evans and the questions about Calderon's defense. In addition some thoughts on Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu as well. We also talk about Matt joining up with Twitter which had been something we have been pushing Matt to get on. He now is on there @RaptorsDevlin . It is always fun catching up with Matt. He was on route to pick up one of 3 boys from school and with the new laws for cellphones it was done on speaker phone so there are a few minor audio issues. Hopefully nothing that ruins your enjoyment of our interview.

Matt has done a special with Jay Triano the Raptors head coach that was taped in his home town of Niagara Falls which you can catch on Raps T.V on October 23rd. Matt assures me it is well worth watching and I have seem a few of the previews and I would agree. Raps-T.V also did an inside look at training camp up in Ottawa where both Matt and I were in attendance. I am not in the Raps-T.V stuff but I am sure Matt might be. It looks interesting and you can go to Raptors.com and get a sneak peak at that. Matt did not know the date that will air just yet but safe to say it will be on Raps-TV prior to the season starting at the end of the month. Thanks to Matt for doing this interview. He is always willing to come on and talk with us and it is greatly appreciated by me. He also was true to his word in the interview and did tweet that he talked with me today. Good stuff as the Raptors have a strong presence on Twitter.

A man who is not on Twitter but we still love him anyway is our guest tomorrow. The one and only Jack Armstrong will be paying a visit to the Dino Nation Blog after his radio show The Game Plan that he now hosts with Eric Smith on the Fan 590. Always great talking with the coach. Look for that in the evening hours tomorrow. Great to be back after a crazy weekend of sports working for The Score. I did see the Raps and Wiz but at this point doing a recap at this point seemed pointless. Although kudos to Demar who looked good and as mentioned in the interview with Matt that dunk in the 4th was off the hook. Do kids still say that?

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