3 up and 3 down Edition 2

Time to play once again another edition of 3 up and 3 down. Feel free to play along at home and add your own ideas in the comments. So with that being said let's start with positive vibes of 3 good things going on right now with the Raps or the NBA.

3 Up

1- Chris Bosh has been playing like a champ. The Raptors record of 5-7 may not suggest that but his numbers truly do. He has 10 double doubles and leads the league in that stat. Enjoy all the Bosh you can this season. It would be a shame if he is not here next season. So do yourself a favour and enjoy him while he is. In fact let's take it a step further. Let's all do the best we can as Raptor fans to get this guy voted in to the starting line-up for the All Star Game in his hometown of Dallas. He has given all he has to the Raps his entire career so let's give something back.

2- Marco Belinelli- Proving to be more than just a buddy for Andrea Bargnani to hang out with. A lot more. He has been instant offense off the bench and is fitting in well on this Raptors squad. Will it be long before he gets to co-star in a pasta ad Or maybe he will do so well he will get his very own. Dare to dream. But jokes aside Marco has been pretty good and looks to be a keeper.

3- Antwan Jamison- He is back and my fantasy squad needs him. He came out and had a great performance in a 31 points and 10 rebounds. The Wiz get the upset win over the rival Cleveland 108-91. So welcome back and as much as I need him the Wizards need him more as they are just 4-7 even with the win.

3 Down

1. Raptors D
- The house is getting torched and the Raptors have just not had enough effort consistently to be good enough. The Raptors as an organization to a man have talked about defense and it being the key to being successful. So if fans are all fired up as to how they have failed to bring the goods on D, the blame falls to them. If the Raptors said we are going to focus on being a great offensive team and challenge teams to score with us. That would be a different story. However they have sold fans on a platform of defense and now they need to live up to that promise. Much like a political platform the Raps have not delivered on the promise that they made. There is no polls to go to vote out the Raps. However fans will be heard and you can count on that. In fact you are already hearing them.

2. LBJ Retiring 23
- I am glad that Lebron James wants to honour M.J. Good for him. However before we all bow to the King. Here is a thought...maybe Lebron James has made up his mind about 2010. If he has and the plan is to stay in Cleveland he will profit from his act of honouring M.J. The same as Kobe did when he swapped 8 for 24. When it comes to retiring the number throughout the entire league I am not down with that. Bill Russell, Julius Erving, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and many other legends have their numbers retired where they played. It was good enough for them. They never bailed to go play baseball for a few years. They never had a comeback in Washington that fell kind of flat when all was said and done. Jordan is on of the greatest of all time, some will say the greatest. That is fine but he is not Jackie Robinson who had his number retired in all of baseball.He was a pioneer breaking the colour barrier in the sport. Jordan was a great player but he did not change things other than how much money folks can make doing this. Was he a hero for Lebron, Kobe and others it would seem he was. But that is not reason enough to hang 23 in every building in the NBA. Name an award after him or do something to acknowledge him but that is not it.

3. Allen Iverson
- Shame on you for bringing God into the farce that was your move to Memphis. That lasted about as long as your rap career. The Answer is not able to figure out the answer to his own problem. Accept that you are now on the other side of your career and take advantage of your skills and go win a ring. There are a lot of guys like Charles Barkley that wish they still had that chance. Don't throw away that chance to make some fast money and save your pride. They say pride goes before the fall. If wearing a Grizzlies jersey was not a big enough fall how about a Knicks one. I had grown to respect A.I over the years. That respect for him is falling fast.

So if you have comments on these or have your own 3up and 3 down let's hear them Dino Nation.

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