It is not the fact that the Raptors lost yesterday to the Suns. It is how they lost yesterday. It is not the fact that Raptors 7-11 it is the how they have lost some of those 11 and to who they lost. The Raptors did stand up for Chris Bosh after a hard foul yesterday. However it would have been stunning had they not after Friday in Boston. It was still not the greatest of reaction but it was something. This team was in the basketball game after a half yesterday. There just seems to be something wrong with this team of late. They reach a point and just fall apart. When I was live blogging the game for The Score the people taking part all were waiting for that other shoe to drop. If you want to read it for yourself, you can check it out here. Anyone that has been watching this team on a regular basis never believes that they will be able to play well for 4 quarters. The most glaring example of that is the 3rd quarter of games. I could look up a bunch of stats to offer proof of this but if you have watched this team at all do you really need that? I am thinking not.

You wonder how they are going to turn this thing around as well. They do have 2 games with the Wizards with a game vs the Hawks in the middle. The Wizards are so dysfunctional in comparison to the Raptors it is like night and day. Lot's of folks were high on the Wizards in the pre-season. I was not and they are a mess and that mess begins and ends with Gilbert Arenas. There is the usual number of injuries and Antwan Jamison has been on fire since his return from injury. The Hawks are a team that I do not like at all but that being said even I have been impressed with them this season. So if folks are waiting for a stretch of games for this team to turn it around it is a long wait. They play 4 in 5 nights in this upcoming week. 3 of those on the Road where the Raps are just 2-8.

But it is Monday and a none game day so why write about it when you can talk about it. You forgot? No worries so did I but here is a belated episode 2 of this week in the DNB.

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