Raps Developing Bad Habits

Have to apologize off the top. I was not able to get a blog up yesterday. I had planned on doing so Saturday night but had to fill in for Nat from Heels on Hardwood as she was not feeling well. Hope she is feeling better. Now while many of you were happy to see the Raptors turn a trailing by 22 to the Clippers into what would eventually be an easy win over the Clippers....I was not. The great comeback was not enough to take away my anger. Ironically I was working and did not get to see most of the bad. However this is a disturbing trend now and the Raptors are not putting in a full 48 on the defensive end. Wins over Chicago and L.A after terrible efforts to start is great the they are able to find wins. However if this team starts to believe they can do this on a regular basis that is not a good thing. Full marks for the comeback the 3rd time in Raps history they have comeback from 22 down to get a win.

I will say that I am impressed with Amir Johnson though he is battling and doing a nice job in his minutes. When Reggie Evans returns Amir has secured the fact he should get some minutes to in my view. Jose Calderon got 2 stitches in L.A and is showing signs of improvement. However his defense still remains far from good enough. While Jarrett Jack continues to try and find his way getting to know his new team.

Unfortunately this is going to be a bit of a short blog as well. I am back on the grind live blogging this Sunday. However it is not all bad news. I am going to be live blogging the Suns and Raps tonight for the Score at 8pm. When I get the link I will post it here. You can just go to The Score.com and click on liveblogs. If you like football you can check me out earlier in the day doing the Cincy and Pittsburgh.

Oh and I have been so busy that I forgot to do my fantasy rosters yesterday. That is normally not worth mentioning in the blog. However it is when you have Brandon Jennings on the bench and he scores a record 55 points. Jennings may end up being the steal of the draft and he is the clear early favourite to win rookie of the year. See hopefully a lot of you at 8pm for Suns and Raps. My fingers will be on fire trying to keep up with all the scoring no doubt.

Here is your Link to The Score Live Blog of Suns and Raps with me at the controls.

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