Check Youself Before You Wreck Youself

That was a song by Ice Cube. Seems to fit what I am thinking about the Toronto Raptors after another loss in which CB4 plays out of his head and the Raps fall short. So much so that I decided to talk about it instead of writing about it. So have a listen.

This season is really honestly all about 1 thing and 1 thing only. KEEP CHRIS BOSH. That is why I was angry with how this team played in L.A and it is why this entire season I have taken the attitude that what was good enough in the past isn't anymore. This team is not going to be better without Chris Bosh anymore than it was better without Vince Carter. So they need to find a way to be a winner and convince Bosh of that fact. That is the mission. That will take getting to the playoffs and once there having a chance to win if not winning a round at least.


  1. Top 6 players? Bosh, Bargnani, Calderon, Turkoglu, Belinelli, DeRozan, - all mostly O, - 1,967 minutes, mostly together. Little D there. Next 5 players? Jack, Wright, Johnson, Nesterovic, (& Evans), - all mostly D, - 742 minutes, mostly together. Little O there. And we wonder why we're inconsistent?!

  2. I swear, if Bosh leaves us for nothing. Bryan Colangelo is out of get-out-of-jail-free cards

  3. Bosh leaving for nothing won't happen. At worse we do a sign-and-trade before July 1, 2010. No way he gives up max money and I think Bosh would have some type of mutual agreement with Colangelo so both parties are happy.