The Dino Nation Blog Presents BET THAT

It is time for the long awaited debut of "BET THAT". This is meant to be a fun thing and is inspired by Reggie Evans who often will reply on Twitter @ReggieEvans30 "BET THAT". Unless otherwise stated these are all the thoughts of the Dino Nation Blogger not Reggie or someone else. These are not all serious and should be taken in the spirit of fun. Hopefully you will enjoy it and most of all hopefully Reggie does or I am in big trouble...LOL. First off a loose definition on what bet that means as near as I can figure. One day we will get an exact definition from the man himself.

Bet That- It may be an adjective that means something is very good or is a dead lock.

So here we go....

ON Reggie's Injury-

All Raptor fans want to see Reggie back on the floor so the can chant...REGGIE...REGGIE...BET THAT!!!

When he does come back he will have an impact and the Raptors will be tougher....BET THAT!!!

If Reggie could have a bionic foot he would have already been out there kicking butt with it...BET THAT!!!

On The Magic and V.C

The ACC will rain boos down on V.C....BET THAT!!!

Why is Dwight Smiling? Cause he doesn't have to face Reggie...Even Superman fears Reggie Evans...BET THAT!!!

Raps need to guard the 3 point line....BET THAT...TIMES 2!!!

Let's Go Raptors...V.C Sucks....BET THAT!!!

Stan Van Gundy win or lose will look disgusted with at least 50 things he sees today....BET THAT!!!

Reggie vs _______

If Reggie went up for a rebound against King Kong and Godzilla. Reggie gets the rebound...BET THAT!!!

Back in the day Barney is lucky he faced Barkley and not Reggie on SNL...because Reggie would have beat him down far worse....BET THAT!!!

If Reggie had his own show Reggie vs. It would be better than Shaq's silly show....BET THAT!!!

Marv Albert should consider hiring Reggie Evans to be his Body Guard....BET THAT!!!

When Reggie returns we predict for the people who have to face him in the words of Clubber Lang...PAIN...BET THAT!!!

Around The NBA

Nets need a win bad....BET THAT!!! They just lost to the Knicks.

Brandon Jennings is the Rookie of the Year...BET THAT!!!

OKC is for REAL...BET THAT!!!

ATL is lousy sports town....BET THAT!!! Go support your Hawks

So that is your first installment of the Reggie Evans inspired BET THAT. Now that you know how it goes if you want to contribute your own ideas to BET THAT....Tweet me your BET THAT on my Twitter account and you may see your BET THAT in the next one of these we do this. You will get credit for anything that is yours. Thanks to Reggie for allowing me to use his expression and hopefully make a fun blog that people will enjoy almost as much as they love Reggie Evans. Get well soon Reggie and get out there and knock some people on their butt...BET THAT!!!

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