Off To The ACC...Leave A Message At The Beep

I am taking the show on the road to the Air Canada center tonight. The Raptors to take on the Pacers in a game that the Raptors really need to get a win. It would give them a 2-1 home stand and they head off to Charlotte for a back to back. T.J Ford and the Pacers come in on a 3 game losing streak with a 5-6 record. Just a half game in front of the Raptors. The Pacers have had some injury issues early but have battled hard and look to have a keeper in Roy Hibbert. You may recall that he was my pick for the Raptors to draft a year ago and they did. Unfortunately they were picking for the Pacers when then did. The Jermaine O'Neal trade was a win for the Pacers as they still have T.J and Roy while Nathan Jawai is in Minnesota and J.O is in Miami.

I am going to be hustling hard looking to talk with as many folks as possible taking advantage of this chance to have access to games. Will see how it works out. It is really a great thrill to have got to this point that I get chance to cover some games and Raptor events. It is a big step in the right direction for the Dino Nation Blog. So if you happen to watch the Raptors Game and see a large hand holding a tiny silver recorder that is my hand.

I will try to give the odd tweet (@ Dinonationblog )while I am busy scrambling around. The game tonight is on The Score as is the game with the Bobcats. Early word is with the exception of Reggie Evans it will be all hands on deck for the Raptors tonight. Belinelli coming back was announced yesterday and looks like Wright may go as well. So time to get ready to go and hop that Go Train to the T-Dot. Unlike Ron Artest I will not rush out the door and forget my clothes. If you have not checked out his appearance on late night T.V worth checking it out.

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