Raps Release Douby

A minor bit of news as the Raptors get set to head to L.A. The Raptors issued a press release this afternoon announcing that they had release shooting guard Quincy Douby. Douby had not dressed for a game this season and was first picked up by the Raps when they were long out of it March. It is not like this is a major loss and it will free up a roster sport should the Raps want to use it. The new came out as well that Hedo Turkoglo had injured his hip. Perhaps the Raps add a small forward/power forward to the roster on a 10 day. But that is just speculation on my part. This may be just a simple case of Douby was never going to see a uniform in his future let alone playing time. But regardless the Douby Era of Raps Ball is done. He averaged 4.4 points and 1 assist and averaged roughly 10 minutes of PT with the Raps down the stretch last season. He hogged the ball to an impressive point total in summer league but really did little to improve his stock obviously as evidence by this move today.


  1. Wow I think you could have said all that in three words "Quincy Douby Released" Slow day in raptor nation. 1592

  2. Well 3 words is not much of a write up. The Douby Era deserved a paragraph...well maybe it didn't...LOL.