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Taking a bit of a day off today. But if you really can't live without me for a day? You can check me out on Jacked In with Jessica on AM 1150 in Kelwona B.C talking Raps and blogging. I am scheduled to be on at 8:50 and you can listen in online here. Dino Nation Blog will be back late tonight or tomorrow. I am enjoying my new copy of NBA 2K10. Zack Cooper of the FAN590 and many of the loyal readers of the DNB were right it is a fine game. But Live has booing V.C in it. Which makes what is going to happen later this month at the ACC very odd scene indeed. The Raptors plan on honoring V.C prior to the game vs the Magic as part of the 15th anniversary festivities. Charles Oakley will be on hand for the Raps and Pistons and I would like to over him a uniform to get out there and help fix this D. Maybe not but as a coach? Something to think about. Anyway will talk about that and honoring V.C later on. So check me out on the Radio and talk with you all later.

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