Starting 5 With Matt Devlin from Denver

Since coming to the Raptors last season Matt Devlin has been a frequent visitor to the Starting 5 on the Dino Nation Blog. Today we catch up with Matt in that thin air or Denver Colorado as he gets ready to call tonight's game between the Raptors and Nuggets. We talk a lot of things Raptors and even a little about the College Basketball Marathon they have broadcasting on ESPN. If Jack Armstrong looks a little tired tonight listen to this interview and you will no why. We break down the match-up and Matt gives his keys to the Raptors escaping Denver with dare we say it but a win. Also some talk about the point guards both Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack. A little Amir Johnson love is dished out as well. Along with some thoughts on Demar Derozan and Chris Bosh. As well as thoughts on the Nuggets two main weapons in Chancey Billups and Carmelo Anthony. Should the Raps look to make a change and have Demar DeRozan come off the bench? Should the 2 point guard look go for good? Questions I heard fans raising that I got Matt's take on as well. There is a bit of a gremlin that makes some unwanted noise(Around the 7 minute mark). Did my best to make it go away. But did not want to cut it out entirely. The noise is only in my questions not in Matt's answers so it should not impact on things to bad. Just wanted to give you folks the heads up. Maybe the this thin air effects cell phones...I have no idea.

Always a pleasure to have Matt pay us a visit and when we enter Year 3 of the Dino Nation Blog (November 27th) I am sure we will enjoy many more visits with Matt. Thanks for his time as always and we have another guest in the Starting 5 tomorrow making I believe his second appearance in the DNB. Who is it? Come back tomorrow and find out along with a recap of this game in Denver.

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  1. Twitter users, follow me (@tdotflip05) or follow my hash tag #RaptorsinDenver. I will be live tweeting from the Pepsi Center tonight. Go Raptors!