"1 of the Nation" with D.J Flash

I had met D.J Flash last season while being down at The Score for Court Surfing. Since that time I have kept in touch and did a great interview with him for The Industry Magazine Interview with D.J Flash.When we recorded that interview we did talk a little basketball but he had said that we needed to hook up again to talk just ball in the Dino Nation Blog. So Anas Ahmed came up with this feature called "1 of the Nation" in where we do features on some of the DNB's readers and talk with them about their love and passion for basketball and get to know them. This seemed a perfect way to bring Alex (D.J Flash) in to talk some ball with me. So we talk a lot about the Raptors and some talk about the night life in Toronto for NBA players in Toronto. Even swap stories about our passion for the Raptors over boiling at times. It was a great conversation and a lot of fun. This feature has featured 2 folks in the music world so far. However it is not going to be just about that. If you love your Raptors and have passion for the Raptors and the DNB you could be featured in this segment. That being said people in the music world tend to be some of the more passionate basketball fans you can find. It is part of why I write a basketball column monthly in The Industry Magazine. So let's get to talking some ball with D.J Flash.

Flash mentioned a few things in that interview first here in the link to voting for his Radio Show THE LOCKDOWN in the Stylus Awards which is something I know The Industry Magazine is involved in as well. So go vote for his show here. You can also check out show's website The Lockdown which goes down on Sunday nights. He mentioned his new album that dropped yesterday here is a link to that. Flash's company that reps a ton of great D.J talent and artists besides himself is Across The Board Entertainment and they have a website to keep up on what they are up to.

If you want get at Alex he is also on Twitter @DJFlash05 and see what is up with The Score's Official D.J and good dude and someone that has supported the Dino Nation Blog and I thank him for that. Just as I thank all of you that check us out day in and day out. This feature is our way at the Dino Nation Blog to give back to the folks that support us by showing them some love in return. Along with showing folks the passion and love that folks have for basketball here in Canada. It was a great idea that Anas has come up with and if you want to be a part of this segment reach out to Anas on Twitter @Thisisanas on Twitter. He will be doing this feature along with myself on occasion and I feel it can be successful and fun for all of you that read the DNB.

So thanks to Alex I really hope he did not punch a wall last night cause it was one of those nights you sure wanted to punch something.

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