The Starting 5 with Norm Rumack

I had a chance to talk with Norm Rumack who is a long time media personality in Toronto. He for years was a fixture on late night radio in Toronto. I had a chance to talk with him about March Madness. Norm is a proud grad of Syracuse so we focus on the Orange. Specifically about the 2 Canadians on the Syracuse roster. Andy Rautins and Kris Joesph. Our both of these guys going to be in the NBA someday. Even dare to dream Raptors someday? I also get his thoughts on the overall performance of the Big East in the tournament. Along with his thoughts on why we have seen so many teams like North Iowa, Cornell and St. Mary's advance to the Sweet 16. Norm has always been brutally honest in his opinions about the Raptors in the past. Hear his thoughts on the Raps, their playoff chances and the future of CB4 in Toronto. Norm also is running his own sports website LateNightVampire.com. He talks about what you can find if you make your way to his site. Basketball of course but also sports opinion as only Norm can deliver it on Hockey, Football and more.

I have always enjoyed Norm's passion for sports. I also respect his no nonsense approach to give his opinions be they popular or not. He speaks the truth as he sees it. As he said in the interview he has a lot of contacts and people he speaks with. He is someone that has worked in the media for many years and has had a long successful career. I wish him nothing but success with his website. You can check out as part of the DNB Directory on this site. It has been there for awhile but if you haven't noticed it, now maybe this will give you reason to give it a look. Like all the guests we have in the Starting 5 I look forward to welcoming back Norm in the future and thank him for taking time to talk with me.

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