The Starting 5 With Tas Melas from The Basketball Jones

I got to know a lot of great people who share my love of basketball in doing the Dino Nation Blog. One of those people is Tas Melas. He worked doing Live Blogs for The Score as do I and that is how I discovered he also did this show called The Basketball Jones. I admit that I was late to the party with the show. But since discovering it I do my best to catch it whenever possible. The show has now officially become part of The Score so we are on the same team... I guess. But no matter where it was I would watch it. I had Tas as a guest once before in the Dino Nation Blog and I had just started watching the show then. I didn't know much about the background of it and when I learned all the work that went into it, that made me an even bigger fan. I was as thrilled as anyone to see Tas along with J.E Skeets, Jason Doyle and Matt Osten get this chance. It is nice to see people working hard at something they love have success. I respect and love what they do and even in starting my own small adventures into video have likely been influenced by them. Lots has happened with the show over this last little while from it's 500th episode, to heading down to Dallas to cover All Star Weekend and now this big move to The Score. We talk about all of that with Tas and eventually get around to talking some basketball as well. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed doing the interview.

If you have never watched The Basketball Jones you are missing out on something, that is not just funny and entertaining, but something that has solid basketball info and opinion. It really is something that is worth checking out each day and that is why I do my best to do so. I wish all of the guys a long and successful ride on the Score. They have no doubt put in the work to deserve it and should feel proud of what they have built. The Basketball Jones is the type of show that if you love the sport or even if you don't it will help make you a fan of it. One of things I have said in this blog is that, I think it is every one's job here in Canada to help grow the game and it's fan base. The 4 guys that put this show together have done more than their share to help do that with their love and passion for the sport of basketball. Well done TBJ and as I joked in the interview DNB loves TBJ and even thought I may not end up on a street corner holding that sign (but you never know) I can say that I am a big fan of the show and respect it greatly. Thanks to Tas for taking the time to talk to me. He and for that matter anyone else from the show has an open invitation to be in My Starting 5.

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