Starting 5 V-log Edition- Welcome To March

My Olympics beard is gone and I am looking more presentable in terms of getting on the camera. I admit in watching the Olympics and doing all my usual stuff I got to look a bit scruffy. For fans of the Round Ball Review (there are some I hope) they normally take this Monday spot in the blog but because of the Raptors playing tonight I have decided to leave them for another day. Raptors do not play again until Friday so there should be time to fit them in later in the week. So enjoy me and hopefully I am just as entertaining as my cartoon co-workers.

Also I have an announcement to make:

It has always been part of the goal of the Dino Nation Blog to grow basketball fans. This is a way to try and do that. The folks at Raptors Republic have run an event on Fridays in Toronto for a couple seasons now. I living in Hamilton have never made it down to one of those. I still will someday. However I decided to have a party here in Hamilton. Tyson that runs Brooklyn's the place this party is being held has been great and open to this idea. We both hope that this can be a success and will give Raptor fans a place to call home to cheer on the Raptors on a night. I know personally I have been out and had to beg places to throw the Raptors on T.V. Here no begging is required this is going to be your place to cheer on and have fun and root on the Raptors.

So join us at 291 Queenston Road in Hamilton. Here is more info on our Facebook Event Page

If you are not in the Hamilton area you can still help out by spreading the word and letting people know about this event it would be greatly appreciated and helpful. More details and info as event gets closer.

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