Round Ball Review- House Sitting

After some technical issues with the site that create the Round Ball Review the guys are finally back. Joey G claims to be house sitting for Chris Bosh and that is where this episode takes place. As you will see it may not in fact be the case. But lots of fun and antics as always from Joey and J.B. I think with the Raptors recent play we could all use a laugh so hopefully this provides a few.

So that is another Episode in the books. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Make Chris some muffins. LOL
    "Hedon't". The TDL. LOL

  2. Glad you enjoy them feel free to promote them if you like. I enjoy doing the Round Ball Review it is one of the more fun segments I do. The characters I have created make a great team and they allow me the chance to just have fun and not take things so serious. I hope people enjoy them and get a laugh from them. The Round Ball Review is clearly the comic relief for the site and something I love doing.