One of the Nation: Alex "Fundamental" Canzoneri

Hello Dino Nation!

This is the first edition of the new, "One of the Nation" feature. The idea here is to give Raptors fans an outlet to speak about their own lives and opinions on the team. We all get to say what's on our minds on Twitter but hopefully this will give some of you the chance to give us a glimpse beyond 140 characters. If you're interested in being interviewed, hit me up at anas.ahmed11@gmail.com or on Twitter @thisisanas. I'd love to hear about the different lifestyles of Raptors fans and what you do when you're not cheering (or booing) the Raptors.

Our respected guest this month is Alex "Fundamental" Canzoneri. I was originally going to make this a write-up but after we got to talking, I thought it would be best to throw up an audio version (so please excuse the amateur sound-quality). I hope you enjoy listening to this talented music producer as much as I enjoyed interviewing him. Also, be sure to check out the links down below. Some real GOOD music.

"Ms. 416"

Download "Ms. 416"

"Might Not Make It"

Download "Might Not Make It"

Ayatollah Jaxx's album, "Hello Hip Hop", is dropping March 9th for free download. "Ms. 416" is the first single off of it.

All inquries: goodcompany22@gmail.com

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  1. When Anas pitched this idea to me I loved it. Basically this feature we are starting that Anas will do the majority of is designed to give you the folks that read the Dino Nation Blog a voice. Talk about Raptors, The DNB, and what you folks do beyond being passionate Raptor fans.

    I have always said that part of everyone's mission that covers this sport is to help grow it. I write for the Industry Magazine which is mostly a magazine for music. But Hip Hop and basketball make for a great cross over in terms of interest and fan bases.

    So the more people we can engage and share there passion for Basketball the better. That is part of the mission of this segment. I will do the odd one of these as well. Hopefully it will be something folks will enjoy and help show the passion for basketball in various different forms.

    Thanks to Alex and Anas for kicking this feature off in a positive way. All the best to Alex in his music career and thanks for talking ball with us here at the DNB.