T-Mac Still Sucks

O.K seems I have more to say today. Remember how everyone use to hate T-Mac in Toronto. Long before Vince Carter was Toronto's whipping boy there was T-Mac. Unlike Vince he loved the attention after all that is in part why he left. Everyone loved Vince and he did not get enough love. It was too cold and snowy here in Canada. Funny how when his career has hit the skids he doesn't mind the weather in New York. I have never stopped hating McGrady and here is why. As much as you may hate Vince Carter he never lied about his feelings about this franchise. T-Mac lied his way all the way to Orlando. In the season his Free Agency kicked in he signed with the Magic at 12:01 am. The earliest opportunity possible. It would have been sooner but the Magic brass were so excited they were fumbling to hand him the pen. This after the entire season he had said he would strongly consider remaining with the Raptors. I wonder when in those 60 seconds that happened?

So what is the reason for this walk down memory lane? T-Mac was shooting his mouth off in New York Post about Chris Bosh and his free agency and why guys leave Canada. He mentions the standard stuff we have heard from many players. Taxes and the other Anti-Canadian trash we hear.

T-Mac how has that post Raptors career worked out for you? 0 Playoff Series wins. The one last season with you sitting on the bench in a suit doesn't count. T-Mac is just as big a jerk as Vince Carter is if not more. the fake they are related shines through. If there have been 2 more diva athletes in the NBA, I would not be shocked. But clearly both make the top 10.

I grow tired of all this nonsense with 2010. Tracy McGrady should just shut up and play basketball. After all given the state of him he may not have many years left to do so. Worry about is own career and please don't share your ignorant opinions with us. T-Mac didn't leave Canada because of taxes and he didn't even leave because of snow. Not that he liked it much.

The real reason T-Mac left is because he was not mature enough to handle the fact that Vince Carter was a bigger star then him. That is the real reason and that is why he left. Apparently he didn't feel loved enough by fans and was greener than that stupid costume Nate Robinson wore in the dunk contest with Howard.

T-Mac in an interview said that he loved that people booed him in Toronto. He said it was proof to him that people missed him. I never booed Tracy for that reason. I booed him because he was a lying, jealous jacka$$. In my opinion. To which he continues to be to this day. This is just another example of it.

So If Reggie Evans who was deemed the dirtiest player in the NBA or as I like to put it the Baddest man in the NBA, took T-Mac to the floor and I never had to listen to him again, I would be fine with that. Is all of this over the top on my part? Yup it likely is but I do it only to make the point that T-Mac is not someone that people should give a damn about. He clearly never game a damn about Toronto or Raptors fans. He is a jerk and always will be. I think it is fitting that he has never got out of the first round of the playoffs. It is like some version of a basketball purgatory. It seems a fitting punishment for him, kind of like having to play for the Knicks.

So in closing- TMAC STILL SUCKS and always will.

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  1. I found it funny that you say T-Mac shouldn't share his opinion. If that's the case, aren't you a hypocrite for sharing your own opinion? You even say later in the article "in my opinion".

    I guess it's ok for you to share your opinion, but not an actual NBA player?