Raptors vs Wolves (The Tweet Cap)

So I am not sure if this has ever been attempted before but we are going to give it a shot. For lack of a more creative name this is the TweetCap of Raptors game tonight in Minny. I am often entertained by the various tweets that pop up during a Raptors game and I thought it might be fun to try to take some of the best ones and put them altogether in some form of a recap of the game as it happens on Twitter. This will ether be really cool or an epic failure. Let's hope for the first one. So here we go with you Pre-Game Tweets.


dan667 @dinonationblog sorry James, I'm late on the action..what is TWEETCAP?

It is something new I am trying for Recaps taking all the fun of Twitter and bringing it to the Dino Nation Blog.

@RaptorspaceKat Don't forget to catch your Raptors tonight at 8pm on TSN2. .. grabbin' the kicks and headin' to the gym

Yup Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin have the call of this CLASSIC...OK Maybe not Raps have beat Wolves 11 straight and T-Wolves have lost 12 straight
heading into this one.

@kevhooker #letsgoraptors...we need this win #raptors

BIG UNDERSTATEMENT...Jazz and Nuggets next 2....GOT TO GET IT!!!

@RapsFan Raptors by 22 tonight, I feel it

Bold prediction think I will just say win by any number.

@KID_RAPTOR Catch our Toronto #Raptors face Minnesota #Timberwolves right now on @TSN2 & @Fan590! #LetsGoRaptors!

Kid Raptor does a promo like no ones business and he is cute so how can you not love the kid?

1st Quarter

@Raps_fan I have a feeling Hedo is ready to #ball tonight - breakout game?

he DO or He Don't that is the question. Early answer is no as Hedo misses a 3 tied at 2-2 Wolves and Raps

@Ronny006 Bosh getting owned by Jefferson....that's not good

But it is his Birthday Wednesday let's be nice ok? Well at least for now although it is 6-2 Wolves.

@_Lenito@dinonationblog #DNBTweetcap - your own hash tag - why is Hedo making crap loads of money doing what I can do?

I have never seen Lanny play ball so I can't really answer this but with the 10-4 Minny lead I bet he gets back in this again for night is done

@_Lenito @Eric__Smith Darko Milicic is still in the league??

And according to The Basketball Jones he wants to start next year and play 30 minutes plus good luck with that Darko. Unlike Hedo who checks out with 2
Early fouls.

@kevhooker Where's the effort on defense?? Oh yeah that's right, we can't play defense. #raptors

Where is @Raptorspacekat with a defense chant when you need it? 13-8 Wolves,Wright off the bench hits 2.

dan667 @kevhooker yea DeRozan isa dangerous off the dribble especially off the pass from the wing or the baseline

We could use a Derozan Dunk to get this game going.

@Nat77 its crazy how busted @demar_derozan's jumper is on the road. Looks pretty smooth at the ACC #raptors

Jumpers are good to but I want a slam....not demar anymore Weems in for him and scores then another great play to Wright from Weems 6-0 Raps run and
it is 13-12 Wolves.

@Ronny006 Finally we see some energy...weems deserves more minutes & @Raps_fan clearly, Sonny Weems is the answer. lol #raptors

Better than Joey Graham Jess? The answer is Yes....Raps in the lead 17-16.

@altraps Sonny > Andrea


@Ronny006 Johnny Flynn has 200 turnovers on the season...pretty sure that's more than the total amount of rebounds bargnani has this season

Everyone has forgot I wanted Raptors to draft Flynn right? Bargs getting hammred on the Twitter Machine tonight.

@altraps @Ronny006 I work hard for my money. I am the polar opposite of Andrea in that sense.

Me too I just wish I made Andrea's Money.....UGH 22-21 Wolves lead Raps but at least this Tweet cap has been good right?

2nd Quarter

A HELLO from Jack Armstrong and were back for the 2nd Quarter of the TweetCap.

@Eric__Smith End of the 1st QRT ... Minnesota leads Toronto 22-21. Jefferson leads all scorers with 8. Jose/Turk/Bargs - all 2 fouls each

Not good news from E Smith tweeting from Minny.

@dan667 @RapsFan Raps will blow them out in the 3rd

Hope he is right but down 24-21 at moment start of 2nd.


Cause Triano fears Reggie as we all should? Still down 3. Jack with a rare SLAM...make that a 1 point lead.

@RapsFan Jack with the dunk on the break!!! #raptors

I know I just said that 26-25 Wolves....Does Jessie Ventura still go to Wolves games?

@Nat77 umm. Jarret Jack can dunk? oh and Amir needs to stop thinking he has an outside game... #raptors

He and @Liston are the only ones that think that...meanwhile foul 3 for HeDon't he came he fouled he left.

@RapsFan The only thing Reggie Evans can reasonably well is rebound, and he lets Darko take that last one away from him

Note to Mr.Evans I didn't say that he did...Speaking of darko he just hit a jumper wolves lead 32-28.

@RapsFan Bosh needs to hit that jumper

Or drive the ball is also good.

@dan667 nice feed from jack to bosh

If only Favors and Lawal played that well G-Tech would still be in the madness.

@dinonationblog Sonny Friggin Weems Wow

Follow that guy he is very good...What a finish on the Alley Oop Raps still behind though 37-34

@Raps_fan Marcus Banks makes me smile. I freakin love him! #NeverThoughIdSayThat lol

But not playing in this one Jack was thought and did well off the bench.

@Eric__Smith 2 FTs to come after the timeout for Bosh ... could give TOR the lead back. Minnesota up right now, 39-38 with 2:52 to go in the half

This Moment in Raptors history brought to you by @Outsidethenba

@outsidethenba @ekoreen Don't forget about the historic 2007 trade deadline deal: Fred Jones for Juan Dixon

Meanwhile Raps and T-Wolves in epic struggle tied at 43.

@Raps_fan Uros Slokar? RT @altraps Who is lazier: Andrea or McGrady?

Speaking of Raptors history...Uros Slokar was apperntly a computer Wiz but not much of a baller. Tied at 45 at the half.

@raptorsrepublic At the half, Raptors up 46-45. Bosh with a 10 and 8, but the story is the injection from the bench....

There was a review and Raps ended up with Extra Point. now to the out of town Tweetboard please

@GamePointBlog Attention #Raptors fans: New Jersey leads the Heat at half 53-52. Would be much appreciated NJ. Please and thanks. #NBA

This can't last I remember the Raps last game if I need a reminder.

3rd Quarter

@Ronny006 Whats with the jumpers?? Get the rock in the paint and draw some fouls!!!

That could be said in any random Raptor game couldn't it....DD has a slam for you sir....Raps creating turnovers and lead 55-48.

@ ryhar46 Hey, look.....a good 3rd quarter start? Where have you been all month? #raptors

For future Tweetcaps I love sarcasm it will get you in here for sure.

@Eric__Smith TOR opens the half with a 9-3 run and takes a 55-48 lead with 9:12 to go in the 3rd quarter Keep this in mind w/ the scoring so low (and TOR now leading 55-48 in the 3rd). TOR is 20-0 this season when holdin opponents under 100 PTS

@ kevhooker Heat up 83-71 against the Nets. Thanks Nets, you've failed again.

said it wouldn't last but this Raps lead just might up 57-48 now

@Ronny006 Flynn just keeps adding to his 200+ turnovers in the season #LETSGORAPTORS

Derozan > Flynn? Raps > Wolves yup 66-52 with 5:30 to play

@stackmack And against the Cavs and Lakers, too. RT @TasMelas: The Toronto Raptors look pretty decent against not-so-decent teams. #nba

Ahh Decent that is what we strive for. A decent 10 point lead 66-56. But I know Holly wasn't suggesting we could beat Cavs in playoffs right. But for record Raptors do have wins over Cavs, Lakers and Mavs to name but 3.

@bboyrev Are the #Raptors gonna win a 3rd quarter? LoL

hold phone 9-0 Minny run 66-61 Raps heDO to the Rescue with a 3?

@thejockocracy I want to eat pizza with Hedo one night. That would be cool

Ok sure why not, just make sure it's a pizza pizza.

@Ronny006 Is it really that big a deal that raps are 22-14 when bargnani gets 6+ rebounds?

No but when Raps hold teams under 100 they are 20-0 and after 3...looks good 78-66.

@TasMelas Hedo Turkoglu's game most definitely belongs in Europe. #raptors #nba

do they have Pizza pizza in Europe? hell with 53 million Hedo could buy his own.

@swirsk054 4th quarter bulls up 72 66. Vdn ejected. Calls going against bulls

4th Quarter

4th here to not quite get out salami and cheese yet...80-68 Raptors.

@dan667 Nah...Raps will be fine...don't think Wolves will score 26 points in the remaining time

No because they can't shoot 3's advantage RAPTORS!!!(I will regret this line later)

@altraps I would like to see Hedo with a mullet. Or hit with a mallet. Whichever.

line of the night material. Still no Salami or cheese 82-76.

@RapsFan Rambis just looks weird without the thick glasses

he likely broke the old ones watching this team...Triano making Clipboards nervous...84-80 Raps.

@Ronny006 Come on Barglazy you gotta hit that shot not throw up an airball

What happen to Barney you know...I love you...You Love me...I can rebound wait and see...LOL

@_Lenito @Eric__Smith if there is a Video of Jonesy doing the Robot we gotta see it!

Say what? That may be more entertaining than this game...Raps hanging on for dear life and we ain't talking Bucks. Bulls winning by 11 by the way.

@ Ronny006 @dinonationblog Smitch would not have allowed raps to blow a 14 point lead against his former team...that would be unacceptable

True...lead is 2....5 T.O's for CB4 Sam would have got in Bosh's ear about that as well.

@ryhar46 TURKOGLU! #raptors

Hedo 3, Gomes 3...Wright 3...yes it is officially raining 3's in Minny. (

@ _Lenito K fellas we know you can score no doubts BUT y'all need STOPS, DEFENSIVE STOPS

Right D-FENSE D-Fense....99-92....that under 100 thing getting dicey with 2:10 to play.

@kevhooker Can we PLEASE play defense? #raptors

I cheered what do you want....6 Bosh T.O's not helping...Jack drive and score is 103-98 Raps....less then a minute.

@swirsk054 Rose is spectacular 27pts 8assts 7 reb bulls up 92 86 48sec left

Remember when he said those nice things about us. I think Bargnani misses chuck and that is why he struggles...LOL...103-100 Raps, someone Tell
Chuck would ya?

@ekoreen Ridiculous foul by Bosh. He's got to be smarter than that.

This is just one of many examples of No Love for CB4 at the moment. Jose at the line splits a pair...Remember when he never missed when it never mattered...I do....104-100 Raps. So much for that 20-0 thing.

@ dan667 omg Raptors are sooooo good

Not really but Raps hang on and win the game 106-100

@Liston #LetsGoRaptors a win is a win!! Upset against Utah or Denver coming!

Easy now Tommy...how many fingers am I holding up....won't be easy but hope your right. So that is a Tweetcap in the books. Hope you enjoyed. To everyone who's tweets I used...thanks this TweetCap could not happen without you. So big thanks to all that I follow and that follow me. Raps win 2 in a row on the road in the first time in forever. Translation sometime in January.

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