Same Old Tune?

Remember how the Raptors had won 11 straight (Now 12 straight ) vs the T-Wolves. Well you can flip the script tonight. Raptors have lost 9 straight to the Jazz one of those 9 being Jay Triano's first game as Raptor head coach last year in Utah. They have lost 4 straight to the Jazz at the ACC where they will hook up tonight. In the 15 year history of the franchise they are a pathetic 7-20 all-time. These are all not good signs for the Raptors heading into this one. They also after a brief couple days tied for 7th in the East fall back to 8th courtesy of a Bobcats win over the Washington Bullets...oops Wizards.

DNB Scoreboard Watching

Those Bobcats take on Minny tonight as they sit a half game in front of the Raptors. They will be the gracious hosts in that one. Miami and Chicago both have the night off before facing each other tomorrow night. The Bucks who are likely out of range for any of these teams host the Sixers tonight.

East Playoff Race

Miami 37-34

Charlotte 36-34

Raptors 35-34


Chicago 33-37

That is how they stand heading into the night. The Bucks are 3 games in front of Miami and 4 in front of Toronto for the record.

Sloan Ranger

So as I mentioned in my V-Log yesterday there is no great secret to what the Jazz will do. Jerry Sloan has been doing it for like 20 years it is pick and roll offense run better than almost anyone in the NBA. Much like when you think the Triangle offense when you think Phil Jackson, for Sloan you think pick and roll. It is not unlike what goes on at Syracuse on the other end of the floor with their 2-3 zone defense. The names may change but the systems and coaches remain.

Jerry Sloan has never won the coach of the year as I also made mention of in that V-Log. But his reward or award is the fact he is the longest serving coach in North American Sports. In the 15 years the Raptors have been around they have had 7. Malone, Walker, Carter, Wilkens, O'Neil, Mitchell and Triano for those keeping score at home. Sloan was the coach when the Jazz played the Raptors for that 20-7 mark for the Jazz. There is something to be said for that. There is no question who is in charge in Utah it is Jerry Solan. No Raptor coach with the possible exception of Lenny Wilkens carried that kind of stroke. Wilkens was the all time leader in wins when he came to the Raptors. Although by the time he left you can argue he had very little stroke at all on the tail end of his coaching career. A brief stop with the Knicks after and his career was done.

The Road Ahead For Raptors

Given the low odds of a win tonight you tend to look ahead and you see the Nuggets at home and the 2 most important games of the Raptors season after that in Miami and Charlotte. It is hard to imagine the Raptors not heading into those games on a 2 game losing streak a game under .500. They will be must wins for the Raptors and will be vital to securing a better spot in the playoffs if not just making that playoffs altogether. Miami is 21-16 at home and Bobcats are 25-8 and had a big win over the Raptors on their home floor earlier in the season. Raptors road record is still pretty awful at 12-23.

Happy Birthday CB4

It is Chris Bosh's birthday number 26 for him. Raptor fans hope against hope it will not be last one he celebrates in Toronto. We will be having are own party at Brooklyn's for the Raptors and Jazz Game. We won't have any birthday cake but we will have Raptors Tickets for Raptors vs Warriors on April 4th. Along with some other goodies depending on how many folks come out. 291 Queenston road easy to get to off the Red Hill Creek Expressway here in Hamilton. Hope to see some of you in the house for the game tonight.

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