"Behind Enemy Lines"

Distractions. They can make or break a team whether it's on or off the court. Even though the Lakers are not playing the Raptors this week, the following story is worth mentioning. A new reality TV show is in the works tentatively titled "Khloe and Lamar" which will follow the lives of newly married couple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers. Whether or not you are keeping up with the Kardashians or are a Lakers fan, it should be worth watching since it promises to follow Lamar Odom both in Los Angeles and on the road with the Los Angeles Lakers - giving us a look 'behind enemy lines' so to speak. The show will begin filming early this year and does not have an air date just yet.

Moving on to this week, the Raptors will be playing the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks - let's get at it.

Toronto Raptors at Boston Celtics - Friday, January 7th
  • These two teams have played 3 times so far this season. Toronto took one and Boston took 2 games.
  • The last game they played on January 2nd, Boston won 93-79. Boston lead each quarter and tied the second.
  • A plus for the Raptors? Boston's first and fourth quarter leads during this game were only by a few points. Proving the Raptors can challenge and go the distance with this team.
  • A minus for the Raptors? This game also saw Boston's top three starters combine for 68 points. Toronto's top three combined for 50 points.
  • Boston's Inactive List: Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Delonte West.
  • Raptors need to watch: Boston's Nate Robinson. In the game the Raptors won, Robinson racked up 22 points and could be the edge for Boston on Friday.
  • Key for Raptors: Be consistent through four quarters in challenging this team and going the distance.

Sacramento Kings at Toronto Raptors - Sunday, January 9th

  • These two teams have played once this season on November 1st. Sacramento won 111-108. Sacramento was 3-1 on the season, Raptors were 1-2.
  • A plus for the Raptors? They now have a better record than Sacramento with the Kings currently being the worst team in the Eastern Conference.
  • A minus for the Raptors? During their November 1st contest, Toronto lead the first quarter 33-16 and never regained the lead.
  • Inactive List for Sacramento: Luther Head, Hassan Whiteside.
  • Raptors need to watch: Tyreke Evans. He had 29 points for Sacramento versus the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday. Expect him to be on his game.
  • Key for Raptors: Come out hard in the first quarter and sustain this energy through the entire game.

Atlanta Hawks at Toronto Raptors - Wednesday, January 12th
  • These two teams have played once already this season on November 28. The Hawks won 96-78.
  • The Hawks lead the first three quarters in scoring and the Raptors took the fourth by two points.
  • The Hawks also had four starters averaging 14 points and the Raptors top four starters averaged 9 points.
  • A plus for the Raptors? They are capable of winning against the Hawks if they challenge all four quarters. They gave up in the third on November 28th (Hawks had 25 points in the third versus the Raptors' 11).
  • Atlanta Hawks Inactive List: Pape Sy, Marvin Williams.
  • Key for the Raptors: They need more consistent production from their starters against Atlanta.

Thank-you for joining me this week. Let me take this opportunity to welcome the newest member of the DNB family, Ryan Richard. He's a Raptors fan with Lakers roots - we are going to have a lot of fun with James. Aren't we Ryan? See you all on Tuesday for more "NBAz in 7 Dayz".

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