Raptors Make It Interesting But Lose 5th Straight

Ok so here is the story. I had a college game to do for The Score and was going to be late to this game. So decided to call on Ryan to give me a hand. The Raptors were fighting an uphill battle in this one you had to figure. Spurs were the surprise of the first half of the NBA season with racking up the NBA's best record. Bayless was back but Kleiza remained on the shelf. Ryan will get this recap rolling to see how things will go for the Raptors.

This game started out with the Spurs quickly gaining a 10-0 lead and it already looking like the Raps had already lost the game. Their jumpers weren’t falling, they weren’t getting rebounds and the spurs were getting out in transition for easy buckets. Just when it seemed like it was time to throw in the towel, the Raptors offensive switch was switched on and starting 0-5 from the field, they hit 7 of their next 13 and went on a 17-7 run to tie the game at 17 at the 3:46 mark, led by Bargnani and Jose with 5 points apiece and DeMar with 7. Just like that the Raps were back in the game and it didn’t seem so bad anymore. After a Spurs miss the Raps would take their first lead of the game off an Amir layup, but Gary Neal would tie the game not too long after. Manu would give the Spurs a 3-point lead off a pair of FT’s, but DeMar would cut that lead to 1 with 31 seconds left. Jerryd Bayless who already had 2 turnovers in the quarter would hit two FT’s with 2.9 seconds left to give the Raps a 1 point lead at the end of the quarter.

Dino Nation Blog making a substitution for the 2nd Quarter. James is back in and Ryan has been given the rest of the night off. Thanks to him for taking care of things in first quarter. I joined in on this game at 22-19 Spurs. All I asked was that it wouldn't be a blow out by time I was finished work. Mission accomplished have to say I am surprised.

Spurs pressing the Raptors and DeRozan ends up with a dunk and Raptors lead 25-22. Raptors have run going here after the Spurs started on a 10-0 run it is Raptors on 10-0 run and lead 29-22. Manu puts an end to that and drives to the hoop for a lay-up. More Manu and Spurs now trail just 29-26. Andrea gets a shooters bounce and scores to make it 32-26 with the 3 ball from up top. Blair the drive and score and Raptors were hanging on to a 4 point advantage. Manu and Andrea trade misses from 3 point land. Parker goes around Calderon with not much trouble and Spurs were just down 1 with score 33-32. But Gaines the drive and score and 1 back to a 4 point advantage. Julian Wright gets to the line and looks to extend the lead but misses both. Parker takes it the other way and from what would have been a 6 point lead to just 2. Parker again gets it up on the glass in hurry and goaltending on Johnson and were tied at 36.

Raptors would score then draw a charge on Richard Jefferson and he would have a seat with just under 4 to play. Demar the jumper and shooter's bounce and in. DeRozan had 13 in the game. After Hill makes it a 2 point game he sends Demar to the line for a pair and he makes both. Raptors leading 42-38. A steal and DeRozan on the break with the score and 1. Raptors were not done there building up an 11 point lead on a Johnson slam. DeRozan answered a Spurs score and has 11 in the 2nd and 20 in the game. Raptors leading 53-42 at the half just as everyone expected. Yeah right!!!

P.J Carlesimo spent many years as Spurs assistant maybe he knows all their tricks. Beyond that I have no clue how the Raptors were pulling this off. Duncan gets a score and the forces a Bargnani miss on the other end. That basket was Duncan's first of the game. Johnson a basket to answer but then Parker run Jose into a screen and that gives him open look and drains it. Then next possession a drop of for an easy Blair hoop. Blair would get another bucket and the lead was cut to 5 with the score 55-50. Time out Triano and he was hot and in the face of Andrea Bargnani.

Raptors would get a Julian Wright basket but Duncan would answer that and 1. Then he finds Blair with the pass and Raps lead was down to 2. Andrea a miss and Raptors lead was all gone as Spurs tied it up on the break 57-57. Raptors would fight back and get to buckets and re-take the lead. A steal and a Parker score answered by a DeRozan jumper his first 2 of the 2nd half. DeRozan on the very next play drives and draws contact. Screw Bargnani, start running plays for DeRozan he is the guy that is hot. Blair is getting it done for Spurs with help from his team. Hill a drive and Ed Davis the impressive block attempt but on the way down that is goaltending. A slam for McDyess is he really still in the league? Yes and the score is tied that 65. Spurs were not done and scored a couple more and led 69-65. A good time out by Jay Triano. Rarely get to say that. Blair was a beast and Raps had no answer he scores again and 17 point turn around in the 3rd and Spurs had a 6 point lead heading to the 4th.

A Neal 3 pointer after a score by the Raptors and this was not looking good. Spurs were taking control of this game and Bargnani was a brutal 4 for 18 in this game. Spurs had just slowly and methodically built a 12 point lead it was 89-77 with 7 minutes to play. A turnover and a slam on a 3 on 1 break for San Antonio and this game was starting to look like what many might have expected heading into it. Raptors were struggling to keep up with the Spurs down 96-83 with just 4:30 to play. A positive in this sea of sorrow was the play of Ed Davis one of only a few Raptors looking good during this meltdown portion of the evening. Raptors had fought back to down 9 but time was not on their side at the is point. Bargnani finally makes a shot his first of the half he was 1 for 8. Raptors were down 7. There was only 2:39 to play though and a silly turnover on an inbound play would end any thought of some miracle comeback. Raptors did have an 11-3 run going and lead was trimmed to 6 but a Spurs 3 pointer from Hill would basically turnout the lights with less than 2 to play. The final score would read 104-95

The Raptors had a good first half but fell apart in the 3rd and in the end the Spurs were like a shark that smelled blood and just tore them to pieces. Sorry for the gruesome imagery but if you watched the 2nd half you will agree it was warranted. Raps have lost 5 straight and now head to Florida and that does not promise to be much fun at all. Orlando and them Miami. This might be the toughest 3 game stretch you could have on you schedule in the NBA right now.

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