Funny Times In Cleveland Tonight ?!?!?

The Raptors are in:

Any excuse to use that video I will take. The Raptors are in Cleveland in the 2nd "Our stars left us, they suck more than us bowl". Ok I admit that is a bit wordy but if you have been watching U.S College Football over the holidays it is a fine attempt. Cavs have lost 7 in a row and Raptors have lost 6 of the last 7. Someone has to win tonight and why not us. Well injures might be the answer as to why not. Raptors left no doubt they are the better of these bottom feeders early in the season. But now with no point guard close to 100% the Rapors may even be challenged to beat the Cavs.

The Basics: Raptors 11-23 (2-8 in last 10) Cavs 8-26 ( 1-9 in last 10)

When Last We Saw Them: I am still trying to forget about it. The Raptors as the title of our recap suggested got BULLDOZED by the Bulls. The Return of Bargnani did not make a difference as the Bulls rolled to an easy win. That gives the Bulls a 2-0 edge in the season series and hard to imagine Raptors winning one against this team this season.

Key Match-ups: Raptors past vs Raptors Future. Anthony Parker and Demar DeRozan should be fun to watch. Everyone like A.P but on this night if he got dominated by DeRozan I am sure most of us wouldn't mind that. But alas that will likely not be the case. Because Manny Harris may match up against him. It appears that Joey Graham and Jamario Moon have failed to replace Lebron James. Shocking I know. But A.P has been playing at the small forward of late. Not to say he and DeRozan could not still be matched-up against each other. Amir Johnson and Antwan Jamison will match up and that would be interesting. But the really key will be Mo Williams and who every the Raptors have health enough to check him.

Other Things Of Note: Cavs have not lost at home to Raptors since April 6th of 2004 but that was when Lebron James was there. Things have changed slightly. In case you missed it we posted earlier the the Raptors have released Ronald Dupree who's run with the Raptors lasted from Dec 26 2010- Jan 5th 2011. He actually made an appearance in the blow out loss to the Bulls last night.

Where is It On? Sportsnet Main Network ( Was there a Hockey Strike???) If you listen to games on Radio a note the game will be on CKOC 1150 AM Hamilton as the Fan 590 is broadcasting the World Juniors gold medal game.

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