Raptors Try To Buck The Trend

It is a Friday home game, so that means I am off the ACC and Toronto to cover this one. Raptors are in the midst of a terrible losing streak and moral is low. Eventually the Raptors will win a game again it has to happen right? The last time the Raptors lost 9 straight it was back in 2005 where the Raptors started the season losing 9 straight. In that same season was the last time the Raptors lost 10 in a row from March 26th to April 12th 2006. For a touch of irony that 10 game losing streak began with a loss to the Bucks. Raptors with those 2 huge losing streaks finished the season 27-55. This version of the Raptors is 20 games below .500. They have had 21 different players suit up for the team this year and are pushing to set the record of 24. While the Bucks have been a massive disappointment after making the playoffs last year they made a number of changes and it has not exactly worked out well. Injuries have been part of their story as well with Brandon Jennings having injury issues so much so it got Demar DeRozan into the dunk contest. Along with Jennings, John Salmons and Drew Gooden are listed as day to day.

The Basics: Bucks 17-26 (11-12 vs East) Raptors 13-33 (Lost 9 straight as you may have heard?)

When Last We Saw Them: Raptors played a good first quarter and then that was about it. Demar DeRozan continued his good play of late and Andrea Bargnani didn't play well at all. All the cast of characters you would expect to be a part of a Sixers win were. But most of all the Raptors got crushed in the paint.

Key Match Ups: Coming off a loss in which the Raptors got owned in the paint this is pretty easy. Say it with me.....Andrew Bogut. The Raptors better have a plan to stop him. Bogut and Bargnani have some things in common in the sense they both were picked first in weak drafts. But after that there is not much else that is similar. Cory Maggette has struggled with the Bucks but has had some success over the years vs the Raptors. He will hope for a Mike Miller like performance to get him going. No Brandon Jennings should mean advantage Calderon for the Raptors. Keyon Dooling is a big step down from Brandon Jennings. DeRozan vs Chris Douglas-Roberts should be a match-up the Raptors can win as well.

Other Things Of Note: It is January 28th and this is the first time we have seen the Bucks. They will play the Bucks 4 times this season. Bucks won the season series last year 2-1 for what it is worth. Ryan will be doing your re-cap of this on with myself down at the ACC. I will be in search of interviews and try and catch up with Demar DeRozan and get his thoughts on heading home for the All-Star game to compete in the Dunk Contest. It is unlikely the Raptors will be involved in the game on Sunday but Demar should be front and center on both Friday and Saturday. Rob Base is in the house for halftime. Last year it was Vanilla Ice makes you wonder what washed up 90's or 80's Rapper they will dig up next year? With Demar DeRozan being from Compton what is Eazy E doing these days? Well wait that might not be that family friendly would it.

Where is it on? TSN 2 (NHL is having their All-Star draft. OH SO SAD I WILL MISS THAT. NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND > NHL ALLSTAR WEEKEND)

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