Brief Hello from Newest DNB Member

Hey y'all, my name is Ryan Richard(yes I do have two first names lol) and I am the newest contributor of this great blog. First and foremost I’d like to that James and Danielle for allowing me to become part of the DNB family. When it comes to sports you can say that I’m a fan of all sports. Whether it be baseball, golf, tennis etc. I have watched it all, except curling, because that’s just too much for me. But I have always been a fan a basketball, since it was the sport I grew up with and have viewed with more regularity. Growing up in the 90’s my main team was the Lakers led by Shaq and a then young Kobe, but upon arriving in Toronto in the summer of 2004 the Raptors were quickly added to that list, and now I can confidently say that I a bigger Raptors fan than a Lakers fan.

Overall I an a huge fan of the sport of basketball. In terms of what I can add to the DNB, as James stated I can bring that youthful flavour, which the Raps have a ton off, but I can also add an analytical and statistical point of view. For some reason I like reviewing and comparing stats of various teams, players etc. and with that I can come to various conclusions from which to give my opinion on. With that being said I know there are people who may disagree with my opinion and I accept that because if we all agreed on the same things, then writing about sports would be a pretty boring thing. Anyways I look forward to hearing from y'all in the comments, so let’s get this thing going.

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