Demar Will Dunk In L.A For All-Star Weekend

A number of media sources are confirming that Demar DeRozan will replace Brandon Jennings in the dunk contest. We recently chatted with Demar in the DNB and he talked about the dunk contest and the fact he was not going to be a part of it. In that interview with us Demar was just hoping for anyway to be a part of All-Star Weekend which will be in his hometown of L.A. Well now he will be in it as part of the Dunk Contest and should get the call to be part of the Sophomore team in the Rookie Challenge on All-Star Friday night. DeRozan was robbed of the dunk title last year losing to Nate Robinson. DeRozan recorded the only perfect score in what was a lack luster competition.

Blake Griffin was the favourite of the assembled field and Nate Robinson claimed it was set up for Blake Griffin to win. Jennings is being replaced by DeRozan due to a injury that will not allow him to compete. The other 2 guys in the contest are the Wizards Javale Mcgee and Serge Ibaka from the Thunder. Demar's inclusion has been posted on NBA.com so looks like Demar is heading home to take on Blake Griffin in his home arena.

Clearly Griffin is still going to be the favourite to win the contest but Demar DeRozan is perhaps the ultimate wild card to throw into the mix and this at least on paper has the makings of a showdown for the ages. This has to be nice news for DeRozan and Raptor fans and slightly takes away the sting of a Raptor 5 game losing streak.

So DeRozan is clear for take off in L.A!!!

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