Raptors vs South Beach Heat

So there was a rumour going around The Basketball Jones Party that Raptors lost by 40. Really that happened? I wish that I could say I was drinking to much and misremembered that. But sadly it did happen and tonight another sad note for some will be no Chris Bosh. He remains out do to over hustle by the Chicago Bulls causing him to suffer a turned ankle. Raptors had Kleiza back and now he is back out. Joey Dorsey also is a game time decision as he was banged up. I mean the Raptors resemble a M.A.S.H unit these days. It is hard to figure this team out. They were as healthy as they have been in terms of active bodies and lose by 40 points.

Wonder if Lebron is aware this is the day Kobe lite up the Raptors for 81 points. I believe that I referenced it as yesterday but it was in fact on this day in Raptor history. Lebron himself has had some 50+ nights against the Raptors. Jay Triano was driven to swear after last night's performance. Honestly who can blame him at this point. I am sure if I had stayed home and watched I would have swore too. So Lebron and we think D-Wade in this one. Why we think? D-Wade missed shoot around due to migraines as you may have read in our preview. Thanks to Ryan for filling in as I was am operating on little sleep today. But it was worth it, I had a great time last night and clearly the Raptors did not. Late word so make no D-Wade so the South Beach Cavs it is.

Andrea has been struggling but gets a bucket and LBJ has an answer. The Heat would take control early and take a 9-4 advantage. Raptors were not doing a good job guarding the perimeter and an open 3 by Chalmers makes it 12-6 Heat. Raps fought back to 12-10 and then Heat get another open look at a 3 and stick it. Raptor were struggling to keep up with the scoring punch of the Heat led by King James and Heat lead 23-15. Heat were pretty much getting what they wanted and extended the lead to 28-15. Raptors were being dominated and this was not a good sign for the present or the future (As in Feb 16th ) with score 32-17 South Beach.

Back to back Miller 3's to start the 2nd Quarter. It was raining 3's and Jay Triano called time out to bust out some umbrellas as Raptors were down 41-21. Good news is Mike Miller was forced to drive....Bad news he scores and is fouled for the and 1 and makes it. Raptors down 49-26 and this is real ugly. To be honest I just glazed over at some point. Mike Miller was looking like he was one of the Big 3. when the pain stopped it was 66-40.

The Raptors were standing around on D and looking like a defeated team. Their pointless 3 point streak would continue thanks to Jose. Yeah I loved that on both counts. It would actually spark a bit of a run for the Dinos and Heat needed a time out to but an end to that with a 75-56 lead. The time out would do what it was intended to do in stopping the bleeding. It was a pretty ho hum effort by both sides be the Raps did cut 11 points off that lead thanks to pushing ball in transition and getting some easy scores.

Some where along the line the Heat decided to stop playing and the Raptors decided to start playing early in the 4th Raptors had the lead down to 10 with score 93-83. Raptors seemingly have reversed their trend of late they had a horrible first have and a pretty good effort in the 2nd half but sadly time nor Lebron James was on their side. Lebron was shifting the Ferrari into 2nd gear and despite solid efforts scoring wise from Demar and Andrea it did not look like it was going to be enough down 110-96. In the end to much Lebron 38 Points and 11 boards with 6 assists and earlier way to much Mike Miller with 32 points and 10 boards..The Raptors lose 120-103.

Raps road trip is finally over and they limp home a disappointing 0-5 on the trip and 13-32 on the season. Raptors will attempt to stop the bleeding facing the Grizzlies at home on a Monday. Kept it on the brief side after a road trip like that think it is doing us all a favour.

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