Starting 5 Goes 1 on 1 With Jay Satur From Raptors.Com

Some people might not know who Jay Satur is, but if you have been a part of any of the online components of Raptors.com you likely have seen Jay in one form or another. From Blogging for the Raptor.com blog, to hosting online events he does a little bit of everything. I got to meet Jay last summer covering one of the draft workouts for the Raptors last summer. Had never thought to invite him to be a guest here. Through the magic of twitter, and with suggestion of Tom Liston from Raptors Republic and @Liston fame on twitter, few tweets later Jay was booked as a guest. We talk about the progression of Demar and Andrea this season. Along with how it has been to deal with what has been a tough season for the Raptors in terms of the on court product. Also about the evolution of use of Social Media on Raptors.com, and the creation of the #RTZ , which to best of my knowledge was something that came from my colleague with The Score Natasha Alibhai and Raptor fan Joel Reilly primarily. Along with the big news of the day in Raptorland that was that Demar DeRozan is going to be in the Dunk Contest in L.A on All-Star Weekend as we mentioned earlier today. It was a fun conversation and hope you enjoy it.

Jay mentioned in the interview that there is a list of all the various folks on Twitter from players, to the Dancepak and even Jay himself. Here is a link to that to make sure you are following all your favourite Raptor folks on Twitter with in MLSE. It was a pleasure to have Jay on board on the Starting 5 and hope to have him back again and make him part of our growing list of regulars here in the DNB on The Starting 5.

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