Raptors Bid Adieu To Dupree Again

The Toronto Raptors cut Ronald Dupree prior to the regular season. Only to have him resurface and bring him back in late December. Well now after an appearance last night game he has been shown the door once again. He appeared in 3 games apparently according to the Raptors. Funny that I have no recollection of the first 2 appearances. Many were puzzled by the move on December 26th. It was said with all the injuries he was brought in as much for an extra body for practice more than anything else. His departure may suggest that Sonny Weems could be close to returning or there could be someone else the Raps would like to bring in (Like A Big) that would be more usefully. It could even mean a trade might be in the works.

But what it likely means is there was absolutely no point in bringing him back to begin with. But hey at least Dupree got to collect a pay check for a couple weeks. Here is the post on the release from Raptors.com.

Stay turned for preview of Raptors and Cavs....some how I don't think this move will impact on that preview that much.

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