Catching up from the Weekend

There were a number of minor news items for the Raptors this weekend. The first is the Raptors exercised options on Demar DeRozan, Ed Davis and James Johnson. Not exactly earth shaking or surprising. Those rumours about Barbosa leaving 7.2 million on the table and playing in Brazil? Forget about it, he is taking his money and exercising his player option for next season. Meaning if and when we play basketball he will have a very attractive expiring contract should the Raptors want to move him or keep him as the case maybe. While Jonas will not be coming next year by the looks of it. One more season in Europe and then a buyout looks to be the path we are heading down. Which if there is no NBA Season would still be the case. Speaking of which that NBA Lockout that we have all been warned about could be here as early as this week. The current CBA is set to expire and then the Owners would need to vote and make the lockout official.

If said lockout kicks in we here at the Dino Nation Blog might take a bit of vacation for a few weeks and then come back on a limited basis. Will see how things shake out. But with no off-season to cover it might be very hard to provide you with decent content 5 days a week. There is only so much labour talk people can stand and that includes me writing about it.

This is a unique time and really something we have never experienced in the history of this blog so will see what we do going forward. I would just ask that you continue to the support the Dino Nation Blog during this time of uncertainty for the NBA. The simple fact is we are dependant on the Raptors and the NBA to keep doing what we do. While there are other areas we go into such as Canada Basketball and NCAA that is not the main focus of what we do. The Dino Nation Blog is just one of many examples of the people not directly involved in the NBA Lockout that will be severally impacted by it. We like all of you just want to see basketball being played and the business of basketball continue. We depend on that to survive.

So please stick with us during this time of uncertainty. It has been almost 4 years of doing this blog and it has been a great ride and not one I would want to see come to an end.

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