It's Friday Time For 3 Up and 3 Down

It is Friday so it is time for another addition of 3 up and 3 down. A reminder to check the site later today for info on how you can come to our Draught Party for free at St.Louis Wings at the Bay St Location at the Atrium. Look for a post around 7pm Toronto time. Now on with the show that is 3 up and 3 Down.


Championship Rings- Sorry Mark Cuban but Ring is the thing. Mark Cuban suggested he may not get rings and get something else. I am ok with him getting something else with a ring but championship rings are one tradition in sports I am not tired of and think belong.

Championship Parades On The Owner- I do applaud Cuban for putting on a heck of a parade and picking up the tab. Cities do not deserve the extra expense in these tough economic times but players and fans do deserve a party.

Toronto- I had not been down since the season and I had a great time being back in the city for the Raptors workout this week and to catch a Blue Jays game. It was a great time and I enjoyed being back in town.


Stupid Rioting Hockey Fans- What happened in Vancouver was just a total disgrace. In the past I have supported the idea of that city getting an NBA Franchise back. You know what the heck with that. You people don't deserve it. The way people acted after the Canucks lost was beyond words. I hope every last joker involved in that is arrested and put in jail for a long time. I mean what would happen if they drafted Big Country now? Any excuse to have a riot right.

Demar DeRozan- Yes I still love Demar. But dude is on Twitter last night tweeting he is old. Young fella you are far from old trust me. You just made me and 3/4 of the Raptor fan base feel like senior citizens. Just keep working on your game and getting better and all is forgiven.

A Random Bird In Toronto- I was having a pleasant conversation with Tom Liston who writes occasionally on Raptors Republic and is involved in the #RTZ stuff the Raptors do a bit. Better known to the world as @liston and often a sparring mate with me over some issues like the future of Jay Triano. But I consider him a good friend. Anyway this bird comes along and decides to take a poo on me. Not cool. Was the bird a Triano supporter? Not sure but if I find that bird he may go the way of that seagull that met up with Dave Winfield back in the day.

That is all for 3 up and 3 down but come back on the site later for our contest to pick our VIP Guest for our Draught Party at St Louis Wings on Bay St at the Atrium. There will be specials on draft, X-box 360 in the house with 2K11 and of course the NBA Draft on the T.V's.

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