DNB Top 10- Guest Host Dino Blogger

Hello all it is yours truly filling in doing the DNB Top 10. I had not planned on filling in but called into action. So I thought why not make it about me. So here we go.

Top 10 Things Dino Blogger Can Do During NBA Lockout

  • #10- Focus on bringing home a few fantasy baseball titles.
  • #9- Watch more of the NFL Network covering a different Lockout
  • #8- Like Andrea Bargnani work on improving his video game skills
  • #7- Find new and exciting ways to ignore Hockey.
  • #6- Find a wife, get married, have a child all before lockout is over.
  • #5- Go on hunger strike until there is basketball
  • #4- If number 5 is successful lose about 20 or 30 pounds.
  • #3- Focus on my dope Rap Career and go on tour.
  • #2- Lingerie Football League!!!
  • #1- Pray for sanity and not having to do these other 9 things.

I think we all will need one of these lists sadly. So what plans to you have to fill the void of no basketball in your life. Funny or serious feel free to leave them in the comments or in DNB Chat or send them to me via Twitter.

Before the gloom and doom of the NBA Lockout we do have one last bash to promote under the old CBA. I will be hosting a draft party at St Louis Wings two weeks from tomorrow so come out and have fun and see what Raptors will do in the NBA Draft. June 23rd probably about 7pm still firming up the details. I won't be working like the last one so I promise to be a better host.

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