Money Weems Still A Raptor For Now.

When the Raptors acquired James Johnson it sent Sonny Weems to the bench from the starting line-up and it lead to a unhappy Weems. It seemed all the signs were there that Weems would be gone this off-season. Now that still could be the case but the Raptors did extend a qualifying offer which allows them to retain his rights as an RFA (Restricted Free Agent). Which means should Weems seek offers elsewhere the Raptors will have the opportunity to match any offer he receives.

It did raise a few eyebrows that the Raptors did this. But I can see the logic in doing so. If Weems gets another offer you can rationalize to DeRozan that you at least made an attempt to keep his best friend on the team but let him walk. While if you keep Weems on just that qualifying offer it is not the end of the world. Under Casey should he stay perhaps his defence will improve as well which was the major knock against him in comparison to James Johnson. The Raptors earlier picked up the option on Johnson's rookie contract along with Ed Davis and Demar DeRozan.

Lots of house keeping moves being done before the CBA expires and the expected lockout kicks in which will bring all NBA business to a screeching halt. In reality when we come back under a new CBA who is to say that RFA's even exist anymore. It is guess work to know what will remain and what will go in the new CBA. Clearly everything is up in the air. The clock is running out on the old CBA and while the NFL seems to be nearing a deal, the NBA is just starting it's labour war and many feel it will be a nasty battle. Comparisons to the NHL Lockout that wiped out an entire season have been used by some.

But heading into the lockout Sonny Weems will still be a Raptor if he chooses to be. The Young Onez may just not be dead yet. When we get to see them play again together or apart is a whole different question. One that we could be many months from knowing the answer to that.

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