Top 10: Shaq Career Options in Retirement

There was quite a bit of NBA news yesterday with Ricky Rubio finally agreeing to come play for the Timberwolves, Jay Triano getting relieved of his head coaching duties and Shaq announcing his retirement.

After 19 years in the league, the Big Aristotle or the Big Cactus or the Big Shaqtus or anyone of the hundred nicknames he has is calling it quits. As on of the greatest centers to play the game, he heads into retirement having won 4 rings, 3 Finals MVP trophys, a 15 time All-Star, and graced us all with his personality both on and off the court. Now that he is retired though there are quite a bit of things he can do, so here are the Top 10 things Shaq can do in his retirement days.

#10: Go crowd diving. This says it all.

#9: Become a pro-wrestler...well maybe not.

#8: Go on a stand-up comedy tour. Charlie Sheen better watch out.

#7: Release another rap album.

#6: Coach the Raptors. The spot is now vacant as we all know.

#5: Star in the new Superman movie, after-all he was the original superman.

#4: Host a dance show, called "So You Think You Can Shaq?"

#3: Finally take Kenny Smith's spot on the TNT panel. He has been after it for quite some time.

#2: Take up golf. He can't be worst than Barkley right.

#1: Teach free throw shooting.

The big guy's presence will certainly be missed next season, but we shall always remember the freat moments he provided on and off the court, but we haven't seen the last of him just yet. So I leave you with some more of the Diesel's greatest moments. Enjoy.



  1. Honestly speaking when I open your post, I feel you have described each and every possible occupation, retired people can do. But when I go though your blog I found it short and simple. Thanks for creating thing so easy.

  2. He should join that TNT show with Ernie, Kenny and Barkley. Would be epic