DNB Top 10- Things Dwane Casey Will Not Say

Hello all. It is yours truly James Borbath the Dino Blogger filling in with your DNB Top 10 this week. Ryan is busy blowing up balloons for our draft party at St Louis Wings on Bay St at the Atrium. Come out tomorrow night just after 7pm and join us for the NBA Draft. Pitchers of Canadian will be on sale to toast the newest Raptor or cry in if you don't like the pick. Other fun and excitement as well along with great food. But before our party let's give you 10 things that we can almost guarantee Dwane Casey will not say.

  • #10- I wonder how Jay Triano would have defended this?
  • #9- I bet if I use this neutral zone trap they have in hockey we could win the title this year.
  • #8- I should have took the job in Detroit.
  • #7- Here is my coaching staff. Sam Mitchell, Jay Triano, Butch Carter, Kevin O'Neil and Lenny Wilkins
  • #6- Seriously these guys are not as bad on defence as I thought.
  • #5- What we really need is to draft more tough Europeans.
  • #4- Andrea Bargnani is the Dirk of Italy.
  • #3- Ok guys what you need to do is clap more on defence like Jose.
  • #2- Maybe if the lockout was longer I could have fixed this mess.
  • #1- Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon were our best two defenders on the floor tonight.

Things that didn't make the cut? I have to pay for breaking that clipboard? Seriously? Also Bryan Colangelo is way cooler than Mark Cuban. But all that said Dwane Casey said a lot of the right things yesterday and here at the Dino Nation Blog we wish him luck. After all we are just happy to not have to endure another year of defence under Jay Triano. Something tells me Dwane Casey won't be trying to tell us his team's effort was good when it wasn't. Draft day is tomorrow so with the party and all may only get a quick post up. But B.C says his list is down to 4 players and let's hope that for everyone's sake it is not another Euro. It would not cause me to riot like a Vancouver Hockey fan but it sure would not make me a very happy man.

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