Draft Day Is Here Come Join Us.

Come join us at St Louis Wings for our Draft Party tonight at St Louis Wings 595 Bay St at the Atrium for all the fun of the NBA Draft. No matter if you like the Raptors pick or not it will be a good time. There will be specials, prizes and fun. I will be on hand acting as you host for the event there. It promises to be a fun night. We had a great time the last time at St Louis Wings welcoming Chris Bosh back to Toronto. Tonight we hope to welcome the newest Raptors to Toronto. So come out and have some fun. It might be the last chance we have to do something like this for awhile with an NBA Lockout looming so make sure you come out and party with us at St.Louis Wings. It promises to be a memorable night and will hope to see lots of you come out and join me for a DNB Draft Party bash. Toast the newest Raptor or have a tear in you beer. Regardless we plan on having fun so don't stay at home and watch the draft on T.V come out and experience it with the rest on the Dino Nation and enjoy the experience with other fans like you.

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