DNB's- 3 up and 3 Down

It has busy day in the game of life. So I only have time to play a little 3 up and 3 down with you all today. In fact I am thinking of just making it a regular Friday Feature. I don't want to work hard on a Friday in the off-season and let's face it you likely don't have a lot of time to read with the weekend ahead. So let's do this.

3 Up

Shaq- The big fella has called it a career. He was entertaining and for the majority of his NBA Career one of the most dominant big men in the game. He called Chris Bosh the Ru-Paul of big men as well. He loves Toronto and is just one of the greatest personalities in the NBA. For these and about 1,000 more reasons (Shaq-Fu not being one of them) it makes sense to wish him well. It also makes sense to pray he ends up on T.V when we are playing basketball again.

Bryan Colangelo- He did it. He really did it. I never thought he would but he did the right thing and made a change by giving Jay Triano his walking papers as head coach. Next mission after he finds a replacement and drafts someone is to get rid or Bargnani. But for now I will take what I can get and be thankful Jay Triano is done. The worst defence in the league two years running is more than enough to make this move in my view. Here is hoping Bryan Colangelo has a few more rabbits in his hat this off-season.

The Mavs- I still don't think they have a snowballs chance in Miami of winning the NBA Finals. But the comeback they pulled off last night regardless of if the Heat helped out with it (Which they did) was still amazing. Dirk has taken his game to a new level in these playoffs and win or loser the label of being chokers is gone for the Dallas Mavericks with me.

3 Down

Miami Heat Fans- I mean seriously these are the worst fans in the NBA. They all wear white like it is some cult or something. I could use other examples that would get me in trouble but will stick with that. These bunch of bandwagon jumper front runners do not deserve a team as good as the Heat. They really don't. I am not one to hate on the Big 3 as I am over it. But hating on Miami fans is not something that I will stop. They are a bunch of pathetic bandwagon jumpers for the most part. If they were there the season Wade was hurt for most of it and the Heat were pathetic then I have respect for those few thousand folks. But for the 10,000 plus bandwagon jumpers they are pathetic and deserve nothing.

Strikes and Lockouts- It is bad enough that the NBA and NFL are in lockout mode. But now even the mail is on strike here in Canada. I had to waste like 4 hours of my day so people can get a dollar more in pay? Really I paid more for parking where I had to go as a result. I am so sick of hearing about labour issues you have no idea. Unions were formed to keep workers safe and save them from unsafe working conditions. Not so my postman could get a dollar more an hour, for NFL Players to have more millions and not have to play 2 extra games and not for NBA Players to earn more millions while some franchises sit on verge of collapse. It was not so 3 guys could use the system and get a title in Miami either. I doubt any of those people are going lend me a dime when I have no team or league to cover when Lockout takes hold of the NBA.

The 2-3-2 Format- The NBA is the only league that I can think of that changes the rules for the Final of it's sport. If the 2-3-2 format is so great use it the whole playoffs or not at all. But the reality is that it is not great and makes series very disjointed. It puts far to much pressure on the home team to hold serve in the first 2 games and if they do makes the task for the underdog next to impossible. Give me 2-2-1-1-1 that is fine with me. So it makes life difficult for the media. Is it anymore difficult than 3 games in 4 days as part of road trips in the regular season? I don't think so. But this is done for all the extra media that don't cover this league on a regular basis. Screw that and just play the games already. If you are determined to use this format can we at least get a back to back when we are in the same city? Bottom line is no other league does this not even the nutty NHL so why must the NBA do this? How about fixing that in the NEW CBA while your at it.

I always invite you to play along with your own 3 up and 3 down or feel free to comment on mine. Happy Weekend folks and enjoy some decent weather for once.

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